Health, safety and environment

HSE is an essential element in all our activities

Prioritizing the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners in all our operations is fundamental to everyone at Metso. Our goal is to guarantee a safe working environment for our employees and we are committed to taking responsibility for our own safety and for the safety of others. We believe that world-class safety comes from a combination of having the right attitude, making the right decisions and taking the right actions. World-class safety is also a sign of quality. Safe businesses are productive businesses. Therefore, all Metso employees must actively participate in eliminating or controlling factors that may threaten health, safety and well-being. We also require our partners and subcontractors to take care of occupational health and safety issues within their operations.

We also contribute to the environment. Sustainable use of resources underpins the long-term success of our business. A global operating environment brings opportunities and risks that we must recognize throughout our value chain. By increasing the eco-efficiency of our production, we are able to reduce our overall environmental footprint and achieve cost savings.

We develop our HSE performance with multiple actions and projects. We also organize a broad range of global HSE activities internally to raise awareness and to train our personnel. More information about our HSE work, can be found in our Sustainability report.

We comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. A total of 32% of our relevant operations is covered by the ISO 14001 certification, 29% by the OHSAS 18001 certification and 78% by the ISO 9001 certification. This coverage is calculated by the number of employees working in certified facilities.


HSE targets

All our efforts in health and safety aim to ensure a safe working environment for all Metso employees. We believe that every accident can be prevented. Our mid-term target in occupational safety is to achieve an LTIF of less than one. LTIF reflects the number of incidents resulting in an absence of at least one workday per million hours worked. Our long-term target is zero work-related accidents.

Developing our environmental efficiency is a continuous process. The goal of our environmental targets is to improve energy efficiency and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by 2020. Understanding how we manage, use and dispose of water, waste and wastewater globally is a basic default. We have Metso-wide targets to reduce water usage by 15% by 2020 and decrease share of waste going to land fill from total waste percentage by 15% by 2020. We also aim at zero environmental incidents.

Information about our HSE results can be found in our Sustainability Supplement for 2017.


HSE policy

Metso’s HSE Policy forms the cornerstones of our HSE work. Our HSE policy states that compliance with applicable laws and regulations is only a minimum requirement and that we strive for performance above and beyond the rules and regulations in our operations.

Metso’s HSE policy supports the development of a safe, healthy and well-managed work environment, and requires all of us to adopt good HSE behavior and follow agreed rules and instructions in all our daily activities. The policy also states our commitment to design sustainable solutions, products, innovations and services to help our customers improve their safety and environmental performance. 

Read our HSE policy.

Managing HSE in Metso

Our work in HSE is based on our HSE targets and guided by consistent planning. The focus in recent years has been on strengthening our employees’ personal commitment to HSE and on strengthening personal responsibility in identifying hazards.

Metso's HSE management sets the HSE policy and targets at Group level, and business line management sets the business-specific targets, action plans and instructions.

Keeping track of our HSE performance

Metso uses a Group-wide HSE reporting tool to track all HSE incidents and other HSE performance factors. The system enables a uniform reporting throughout whole Metso and it allows us to effectively share information and learn from other locations.

We use an internal global audit program to ensure that our locations follow the health, safety and environment rules and instructions set by Metso and local laws. We concentrate on finding hidden hazards in our local work practices and we track good practices. Corrective actions are to be made within a certain timeline, depending on the severity of the finding.

In addition, Metso’s HSE self-assessment tool supports the development of good local safety practices and helps identify and prioritize the areas for development. The tool includes HSE management, hazard and risk evaluation, training, ownership, leadership, and incident and accident management aspects.

More information about our HSE work and performance can be found in our Annual Report and Sustainability Supplement 2017