Sustainability governance

Our sustainability governance model ensures the integration of sustainability into daily business

Metso’s Board of Directors oversees the effectiveness and impact of Metso sustainability governance. Metso executive team acts a sustainability committee that regularly follows and ensures the implementation of the sustainability agenda and makes decisions on corporate-level sustainability targets.

The sustainability team forms and drives the sustainability agenda at the corporate level in cooperation with the businesses and corporate support functions. The team manages material issues related to company, and cooperates on developing sustainability practices, sustainability communication and implementation of corporate policies. The sustainability team gives key input to sustainability-related corporate development training, risk management and external reporting in cooperation with different corporate functions. The sustainability team is also responsible for including proactive management of key stakeholders’ expectations and monitoring the preparation of legislative proposals and treaties relevant to the sustainability of Metso’s businesses.


Sustainability auditing and assurance

Metso controls and monitors sustainability issues through various internal and external processes aimed at ensuring the validity and reliability of our sustainability management practices and reporting. Regularly controlling and monitoring gives us valuable information on the results of our sustainability work and is therefore an important element in our continuous efforts to develop our reporting and to build a more sustainable world.

We monitor our internal operations through internal audits, internal control, as well as review of non-financial issues, certificates and assurance.

Internal audits

Metso's Internal Audit assesses the efficiency and appropriateness of our operations and examines the functioning of internal controls. It seeks to ensure the correctness of financial and operational reporting, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and proper management of the company's assets. In addition, Internal Audit proactively encourages the development of risk management in Metso's various operations.

In 2017 we received three reports of suspected financial misconduct via the Whistleblower channel. Additionally, Internal Audit received eight direct contacts. A total of 11 cases were investigated. There were also cases of misconduct revealed in
conjunction with internal audits. The cases of misconduct were reviewed by the Audit Committee in line with our guidelines on reporting misconduct. The cases did not have a significant impact on our financial results.

HSE audits

HSE auditing practices are seen as an important part of our safety culture development at Metso. We use a global audit program to ensure that our locations follow  the health, safety and environment rules and instructions set by Metso and local laws. With the HSE audits good practices as well as the implementation rate of our current practices are globally being tracked at Metso’s sites. By our annual internal HSE auditor visits HSE related actions are identified to improve safety at dozens of locations.

Supplier asssesment and audits

We carry out a risk mapping of sustainability related risks within our existing suppliers. By defining the risk levels, we are able to focus on the suppliers with the highest potential risks in their operations.

Screening new suppliers is included in Procurement’s ongoing processes, and our target is to evaluate the majority of our new suppliers in higher-risk countries against our sustainability criteria.

Based on the sustainability risk assessment of the new supplier, Procurement decides on the need for an in-depth audit and further actions.

Annually, Metso conducts 15 third-party sustainability supplier audits together with external auditing partner in higher-risk countries (e.g. China, India, Turkey and Brazil). Metso’s thirdparty audits cover many aspects of sustainability, including HSE, product safety, labor and other human rights, and risk management. We have also started to conduct internal sustainability supplier audits, where Metso Procurement and Quality Assurance make on-site visits and check the sustainability practices and performance of our suppliers.

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As part of our sustainability management, we comply with several international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Many of our business units have received certification by complying to these standards.

  • 32% of all our  operations are covered by ISO 14001 certification,
  • 29% have OHSAS 18001 certification,
  • 78% have ISO 9001 certification

The coverage is calculated by the number of employees working in certified facilities.

Sustainability assurance

An independent third party, PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy, has provided assurance on the sustainability information disclosed in Metso’s Sustainability and Annual reports since 2010. In addition to the data revision, the assurance includes approximately three annual site visit and management interviews.