Sustainability management

Sustainability at Metso is founded on Metso’s strategy, code of conduct and on selected, globally acknowledged guidelines and principles. At Metso, sustainability is embedded in our organizational culture. Our sustainability agenda describes our approach to sustainability; we want to be a responsible and trusted partner and deliver sustainable productivity for our customers.

Sustainability is fundamental to our business and everyday work at all levels of the organizations.

Metso’s Board of Directors oversees the effectiveness and impact of Metso sustainability governance. Metso executive team acts a sustainability committee that regularly follows and ensures the implementation of the sustainability agenda and makes decisions on corporate-level sustainability targets.

The sustainability team drives the sustainability agenda at the corporate level in cooperation with the businesses and corporate support functions. Team manages Metso’s material sustainability issues, and cooperates on developing sustainability practices, sustainability communication and implementation of corporate policies. Team gives key input to sustainability-related corporate development training, risk management and external reporting in cooperation with different corporate functions and is also responsible for including proactive management of key stakeholders’ expectations.

sustainability governance.png

Active interaction with our stakeholders is a key aspect of Metso’s approach to sustainability. Metso’s stakeholders are entities or individuals that have an impact on our business, or are affected by our activities, products and services, and are presenting us with both risks and opportunities. The focus areas and the channels of communication vary according to the stakeholders' needs.


Our customer relationships are built on continuous interaction, extensive know-how and long-term commitment. Our ambition is to create mutual business success, be the best choice and a preferred partner in all that we do. More about customer engagement is available in Business Overview and Non-Financial information


Metso people are a high priority in our strategy. We consider our people and their knowledge, expertise and skills as one of our competitive advantages. We continuously develop our managers’ leadership capabilities and enhance competence development of our employees. More about employees is available in Business Overview and Non-Financial information

Suppliers and subcontractors

We work closely with many of our suppliers and subcontractors. The cooperation is based on solid partnership and long-term collaboration. We have transparent supplier requirements and we foster safe working practices. We conduct internal sustainability supplier audits and third-party supplier audits for higher risk suppliers. More about suppliers is available in Business Overview and Non-Financial information

Shareholders and Investors

Metso is committed to long-term value creation for its shareholders.  We have continued to develop our sustainability for investor messages in different channels. We actively engage with our investors and shareholders in events,meetings, calls and digital channels More about investor dialogue in 2018 in the Financial Statements: Investor information.


We provide clear and accurate disclosure about Metso. We proactively and responsively communicate in many media channels.

Non-governmental organizations

We have good cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  We cooperate with e.g. John Nurminen Foundation, Plan India and SOS Children’s Villages International.

Local communities

We act as a responsible corporate citizen and work closely with communities surrounding our operations. We create value by providing employment opportunities and support corporate social responsibility initiatives in the communities around our businesses.

Universities, vocational schools and research centers

We find cooperation with universities and research institutes important and crucial element to foster innovation. In 2018, we donated a total of EUR xx million to three Finnish universities. We have cooperation projects, school visits, apprenticeship contracts and traineeship- and dissertation positions.

We believe that adapting to global challenges through innovation, quality and productivity enhances our ability to generate long-term shareholder value. Our target is to constantly improve our ratings on the significant sustainability indices.

Global sustainability indices track the performance of companies and rate how companies face and manage sustainability trends, such as resource scarcity, climate change or an aging population within a company’s competitive environment. Global frameworks also provide companies with the possibility to develop through transparent and enduring indicators.

Metso is included in the following sustainability indices:

  • CDP Leadership level
  • RobecoSAM Sustainability yearbook 2017
  • FTSE4GOOD index
  • Ethibel Sustainability Index
  • OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index
  • Vigeo Rating
  • STOXX Global ESG Leaders Indices

We support programs mainly related to science, research and education, environmental protection and conservation, health and social, culture and arts, and also youth activities.

  • Science, research and education: Research and education programs by universities, colleges, or research institutes that address technology and business management issues related to Metso’s business.
  • Environmental protection and conservation: Environmental programs, events and organizations to increase the exchange of information, improve the awareness on environmental issues or gain positive impact on the environment.
  • Health and social programs: Programs that help raise awareness of health and safety related matters and/or have a direct and concrete social benefit by having a positive impact on the communities and areas in which we operate.

See examples of our sponsorship cooperation


List of Metso's externally certified units

As part of our sustainability management, we comply with several international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Many of our business units have received certification by complying to these standards.

32% of all our operations are covered by ISO 14001 certification, 29% have OHSAS 18001 certification, 78% have ISO 9001 certification The coverage is calculated by the number of employees working in certified facilities.

List of Metso's externally certified units:

Country Company Location ISO 9001 ISO 1400X OHSAS 1800X
Abu Dhabi Metso Flow Control LLC Abu Dhabi X*    
Austria Metso Austria GmbH Vienna X*    
Brazil Metso Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda. Guaíba X*    
    Sorocaba X*    
Canada Metso Automation Canada Ltd Edmonton X*    
    St-Laurent X*    
  Metso Minerals Canada Inc.  Belleville X    
    Lachine X    
    North Bay X    
Chile Metso Chile S.A. Antofagasta X X X
    Concepcion X*    
    Concón X X X
    Los Bronces X X X
    Santiago X*    
China Metso Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Beijing X*    
    Shanghai X* X* X*
  Metso Minerals (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. Quzhou X    
  Metso Minerals (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tianjin X X X
  Shaoguan City Shaorui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Shaoguan X    
Czech Republic Metso Czech Republic, s.r.o. Prerov X X X
Denmark Metso Denmark A/S Horsens X X  
Finland Metso Flow Control Oy Jämsänkoski X*    
    Kemi X*    
    Lappeenranta X*    
    Rauma X*    
    Vantaa X* X* X*
  Metso Minerals Inc.  Tampere X    
France Metso France S.A.S. Gainneville X*    
    Mâcon X    
    Nanterre X*    
    Vitrolles X*    
Germany Metso Automation MAPAG GmbH Horgau X* X* X*
  Metso Germany GmbH Düsseldorf X    
    Leuna X*    
    Leverkusen X*    
    Mannheim X    
India Metso India Private Limited Ahmedabad X X  
    Alwar X X X
    Gurgaon X*    
    Mumbai X*    
    Vadodara X*    
Italy Metso Italy S.p.A Cinisello Balsamo X*    
Japan Metso Japan Co. Ltd Kanagawa X*    
Korea Metso Korea Co. Ltd Chungju X* X*  
    Seoul X*    
Netherlands Metso Benelux B.V. Waddinxveen X*    
Peru Metso Peru S.A. Arequipa     X
    Lima X   X
Poland Metso Poland Sp.z o.o. Torun X*    
Portugal Metso Automation Portugal Lda Lisboa X*    
Qatar Metso Automation Qatar W.L.L. Doha X*    
Russia OOO Metso St. Petersburg X*    
Saudi Arabia Metso Plant Saudi Arabia Dammam X    
Singapore Metso Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore X*    
South Africa Metso South Africa (Pty) Ltd Durban X*    
    Gauteng X*    
    Secunda X*    
    Vereeniging X*    
Spain Metso España S.A. Sant Cugat del Valles X*    
  Santa Ana de Bouleta Grinding Media, S.A. Bilbao X X X
Sweden Metso Sweden AB Ersmark X X X
    Gällivare   X  
    Grängesberg   X  
    Kiruna   X  
    Luleå   X  
    Sala X X X
    Sundsvall X*    
    Trelleborg X X X
Taiwan Metso Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Taipei X    
Thailand Metso Automation Co., Ltd Amphur Ban Pong X*    
    Bangkok X*    
Turkey Metso Minerals A.Ş. Istanbul X*    
UK Metso UK Ltd Chineham X*    
    Seaham X*    
United Arab Emirates Metso Automation FZE Dubai X*    
USA Metso Automation USA Inc. Atlanta X*    
    Houston X*    
    Shrewsbury X*    
    Vancouver X*    
  Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. Columbia X    
    Waukesha X    
  StoneL Fergus Falls X    
* Flow Control global multi-site certificate