The leading crusher automation solution


A comprehensive range of Metso IC™ intelligent crusher automation solutions is available for Metso crushers. Metso IC automation ensures full performance and is precisely designed to meet your expectations and crushing plant requirements for consistent performance, safety and easy control of crusher parameters. With optimized start-up and shut-down procedures and sequences integrated into the IC automation, you can be sure that the crusher is working correctly in all circumstances and that the downtime of the crusher is minimal.

Metso IC crusher automation allows you to maximize the performance of your high-quality Metso crushers. This is done with carefully defined safety parameters for oil temperature, power draw and oil pressure, which are indicators of the actual crusher load. Metso IC crusher automation monitors the crusher condition and gives an early indication if there's a problem in the crusher. This can help solve a problem before it becomes serious and costly.

Metso IC crusher automation can be easily connected to any plant automation system used in the crushing and screening industry. This enables centralized control of the crusher and the whole plant, allowing the operator to safely control and alter crusher operating parameters according to production needs from a single location.


  • Absolute consistency of end products
  • Maximized uptime
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Increased safety
  • Protection of the crusher

Monitor and control remotely

  • Remote User Interface available for PC computers available as standard
  • Direct connection to plant level automation
  • All Metso's crushers can be equipped with Metso IC crusher automation and connected to plant automation. See our crusher offering contact us to find a perfect fit for your application.

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