Understand how different ore types impact performance


Our service uses our patented SmartTag™ system to track parcels of ore from the mine into the plant and beyond. SmartTag™ is an innovative system which uses hardened Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, detectors and custom software to track ore through the mining process.


SmartTag™ can be used to track ore from the mine into the plant. When used this way we can correlate ore characteristics with important operating parameters in the mine and processing plant, such as ore dilution, ore losses, fragmentation, throughput and energy consumption. This provides an understanding of how different ores affect mine and plant operation and the final product. Operating parameters and control strategies in the mine and processing plant can be adjusted and optimized for different ore types, thereby reducing costs and increasing profitability.

The SmartTagTM system is also used to automate geometallurgical modelling in our unique GeoMetsoTM system enabling throughput forecasting and Life-of-Mine optimization.


SmartTag™ can also be used to track products from the mine through the entire transport chain (road, rail, and port) to the final customer. This is particularly relevant for iron ore and coal operations which often have complicated product marketing and supply logistics. Any properties can be tagged and tracked to facilitate optimization of plant operation, sorting, blending and homogenization to maximize the value of the final product. The system also provides more accurate reconciliation, and allows monitoring and optimization of product supply and transport logistics.

With our ore tracking service, you will get regular reports on how processes are performing along with recommendations of action to be taken.


  • Inexpensive and versatile material tracking from mine to the plant and beyond
  • Valuable information on material movements
  • Link the physical properties of the ore in the mine to the time-based performance data of the plant to optimize the process as a whole
  • Track material through the delivery chain to monitor and optimize product supply management, transport logistics and margin management


How do SmartTags™ work?

  1. SmartTags™ are placed with source ore in the mine (blastholes, muckpiles etc), and the starting location of each unique tag is recorded using a ruggedized hand-held computer
  2. Tags survive the blast and travel with the ore
  3. They are detected when they pass antennas at critical points before milling
  4. With no internal power source they can remain in stockpiles for extended periods
  5. The physical ore properties in the mine can then be linked with time-based performance data from the plant
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