End user terms and conditions for use of Metso login account

These end user terms and conditions for use of Metso Login Account document has been updated on 15th Feb 2018.


1. These end user terms and conditions for Metso Login Service ("Terms and Conditions") set forth the terms and conditions and shall apply to End User's registration and access to use any Metso digital services using Metso Login Service (as set out below).

2. "End User" means any individual who upon request and/or approval of Metso Contract Customer registers a user account using Metso Login Service in order to gain access to Metso digital services, as applicable. End User is either an employee of the Metso Contract Customer or an external contractor/consultant duly authorized by Metso Contract Customer, subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

3. "Metso Contract Customer" means any customer, distributor or other company with whom Metso has agreed on use of Metso Login Service and any Metso digital services.

4. "Metso Login Service" shall mean a platform of Metso using which Metso enables End User and/or Metso Contract Customers to register and manage End User's user account(s) for Metso digital services.

5. End User will:

  • - ensure that End User's user name and password are correct and retained in a safe, secure and confidential manner and not reveal such to any other persons or entities;
  • - report immediately to Metso any unauthorized use of End User's user account;
  • - access and use Metso Login Service and Metso digital services solely for such purpose as End User is authorized to use;
  • - at all times use Metso digital services only in compliance with these Terms and Conditions as well as any service specific terms and conditions, requirements, permissions, instructions, and guidelines as may be imposed by Metso or its third party service providers from time to time; and
  • - cease using any Metso digital services and/or End User's user account when instructed to do so by Metso or Metso Contract Customer.

6. End User may not:

  • - disclose to any other person or entity the user name and/or password granted to End User;
  • - disable or circumvent any technical safety or security measures implemented for and concerning Metso Login Service or Metso digital services; or
  • - otherwise access or attempt to access the Metso Login Services and/or Metso digital services in any manner not permitted by these Terms and Conditions.

7. End User understands that Metso Login Service and Metso digital services are continuously updated, developed and improved, and therefore subject to modifications and changes. End User is further aware that access to Metso Login Service and Metso digital services cannot be guaranteed and is subject to Internet connections and other used equipment and resources.

8. End User acknowledges that any use and access to Metso digital services may be monitored by both Metso and Metso Contract Customer for the purpose of ensuring End User's compliance with Terms and Conditions.

9. Any personal data collected pursuant to or in relation to Metso Login Service and Metso digital services is collected and stored by Metso in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as Metso privacy policy at https://www.metso.com/privacy-policy/. End User acknowledges and agrees that End User's personal data may be accessed or disclosed to by Metso for the purposes of provision of a user account and access to Metso digital services, subject to applicable laws and regulations.

10. If End User breaches these Terms and Conditions, or if Metso reasonably deems that such breach has occurred or may occur, Metso is entitled to immediately suspend or terminate, at its discretion, End User's user account and right to access any Metso digital services, without incurring any liability for such suspension or termination.

11. Metso does not warrant that Metso Login Service or any Metso digital services will be error-free or uninterrupted. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, in no event shall Metso be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, costs, losses or expenses including, without limitation, damages arising from errors or defects in Metso digital services or any connectivity to such services, whether caused by Metso Login Service, Metso digital services or otherwise. End User acknowledges and understands that Metso does not have any obligation to provide any support or other such services concerning Metso Login Service or Metso digital services to End User.

12. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Finland, however, excluding its choice of law provisions.