Asphalt crushing

With efficient crushing, you can make a good business profit by recycling valuable bitumen and high-quality aggregates as feed material to make new asphalt. This significantly cuts back on energy consumption and environmental impact.

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Old asphalt has traditionally been considered useless

Old asphalt is often seen as worthless waste material because its two main ingredients, bitumen and aggregates, are difficult to recycle. Bitumen becomes sticky in hot temperatures and aggregates need to be the right size for further use.

In the past, asphalt was rarely recycled or then was done so by melting it, which consumed enormous amounts of energy. It has only been since the early 1990s that recycling asphalt has been growing considerably thanks to the introduction of better solutions.

Another challenge for asphalt recycling has been transportation logistics. Trucks carrying asphalt blocks are mostly half-empty loads, which are costly when traveling long distances to recycle and further process the asphalt. 

Start recycling asphalt directly at the removal location

Luckily today, this is no longer the case with efficient Metso Lokotrack® mobile crushing plants. A new business opportunity is emerging to take advantage of these valuable asphalt materials and reuse them for the good of the environment as well as an extra profitable revenue stream.

Starting from the end application, Metso works closely with each customer to select the right unit and then optimizes it to ensure the best performance for the specific requirements. Our in-depth process knowledge and planning capabilities are based on years of experience with crushing solutions. 

A modern asphalt station can create a new asphalt mix with up to 70% of the recycled asphalt. This method is extremely effective in such operations when all courses are removed, such as driveways, roadways, and yard or park areas. By crushing as close to the asphalt removal location as possible, hauling costs decrease significantly.

Metso’s mobile Lokotrack® plants are a great solution to properly crush and separate bitumen and aggregates for reuse as new asphalt. The LT1110™, LT1213™ and LT1213S™ plants offer a trouble-free way to crush asphalt in sizes of 0–20 mm (25/32") or smaller even in warmer climates when the bitumen easily becomes sticky.

Mobile Lokotrack jaw plants are a versatile solution for all recycling needs and especially at demolition and asphalt sites. The LT96™ and LT106S™ mobile jaw crushing plants are available with a unique Active Setting Control™ (ASC) system that ensures safe removal of any uncrushable objects, such as metal, that may enter the cavity. This enables continuous crushing and prevents the crusher from extreme overloads. Metals can be easily separeted from aggregates with a magnetic separator.

To reduce the aggregate size in old asphalt for reuse, Metso’s mobile LT200HP™ and LT220D™ cone crusher plants are best, especially for high volumes or when aggregates need to be crushed for various needs.

Additionally, ST3.5, ST3.8 and ST4.8 mobile screens can be used to separate different fractions or to further process the aggregates for use in other end products. 

High quality end products

Highest value when reducing use of virgin natural resources

Low energy and zero emissions

Less transportation, less fuel, less crushing,and zero emissions possible

Business friendly and sustainable

Eliminate useless landfill and find a new revenue stream even for small contracts

Exceptional output

Easy to crush 2,400 tons of 0–16 mm (0–5/8”) of old asphalt per day