Solutions for aggregate contractors.

Aggregate contractors

Solutions for companies offering crushing and screening as a service

When you offer aggregate crushing and screening as a service to quarries, material deposit owners, construction companies and retail sales, Metso's wide range of equipment, parts and services help you to achieve optimal cost-per-ton with dependable solutions.

For various needs

Hard rock, soft rock, sand and gravel, recycled aggregates, manufactured sand.

Easy to move

Mobile and portable equipment. Simple to move around or transport to another location when the contracting job ends. 

High dependability

Robust and field-proven technologies. Over 1,500 field service experts and 40+ service centers globally.

Optimal cost-per-ton

High performance solutions. If the requirements change, the settings and process can be readjusted.

Maximizing sellable product
Aerial image of an aggregate production site.
Right set of tools for the job

What would you like to produce? From which material? How much? How many end products? How often do you move the equipment or transport the whole production site? Do you focus on one application or would you like to expand your offering?

It all starts with the right selection of equipment and services for your needs. 

Metso's range of mobile and portable crushers, screens and conveyors are developed for different contracing jobs, applications and material types. 

The recommender tool assists you to find the right equipment for your requirements. If you already have the machinery, our audits, upgrades and optimization services help you to extract more from your investment. 

Equipment recommender
Simplify decision-making. Get recommendations for mobile crushers and screens based on your specific requirements.
Keeping your machines running
Speedy support and parts delivery

Metso's solutions for contractors are known for quality and reliability. However, in case something unexpected happens, help is quickly at hand.

Fast support

Metso and our partners are located in over 60 countries around the world. Our aim is to provide expert support when needed within 24 hours. 

The most common parts are available from 40+ strategically located service centers. The key parts are often shipped in 24 hours and the standard orders in 72 hours. 

One supplier for all parts

Metso provides the full range of parts for your equipment. Multi-part kits are also available if you prefer saving more time and effort.

Speedy support and parts delivery.
Avoiding unexpected surprises and costs
All new Metso machines come with warranties which can be extended.
Reduce risk and focus on operations

All new Metso machines come with warranties which can be extended. 

Equipment Protection Services is a popular package among contractors. It includes extended warranty and regular inspections, supported by Metso Metrics fleet management application.

Life Cycle Services offer managed maintenance and liner changes to give visibility of costs and allowing focus on operations. For the ultimate peace of mind, you can have cost per tonne pricing which means your machine operating costs are aligned with production.

What if the markets change?

Metso equipment is transportable and transformable. If your circumstances alter, the crushing and screening settings and process can be adjusted to handle different materials and produce new end products.

Minimizing impact on people and the environment
Less dust and noise

Metso equipment is designed to be safe to your staff and the environment.

Lokotrack® and Nordtrack™ mobile crushers and screens have noise and dust suppression features as standard or as option, depending on the model. If your worksites are mainly close to areas with very strict environmental standards, then the Lokotrack® Urban™ series may be the best choice. Many of the track-mounted models are also available as hybrid Bi-Power solution.

Should you run just on electric, the NW Rapid™ wheel-mounted crushers and screens have only electric power train.

We also supply an extensive set of tools to improve operational safety such as service tools and hammerless screening media.

Strong resale values
Metso machines are seen as high-quality equipment and therefore tend to command higher resale values.
Quality retains its value

Buying equipment is a significant investment in an uncertain world. The markets fluctuate and at some point you may want to transform your operation as business needs change.

Metso equipment has been designed to be convertible. By readjusting and replacing some key parts, your plant can process new materials and produce different end products.

If at some point you prefer to dispose your equipment, Metso machines are seen as high-quality equipment and therefore tend to command higher resale values.

Leasing and financing
All at once or a bit at a time?

Does the capital investment seem like too much risk? Metso and our partners can provide you extensive leasing options and help with financing. The offering varies slightly depending on the country and local regulations. 

Leasing made easy 

Leasing your Metso equipment provides the options and flexibility you need. With two global leasing providers and multiple local partners, Metso can aid in securing rapid and competitive leasing offers.

The financing partner purchases the equipment you wish to invest in and allows you to use it in exchange for a monthly fee.

Metso and our partners can provide you extensive leasing options and help with financing.
Equipment for contractors
Metso's equipment for aggregate contractors is made to deliver the highest customer value.
Built to last for decades

Metso's equipment is made to deliver the highest customer value. 

The offering for aggregate contractors covers Lokotrack®, Nordtrack™, Metso NW™ and Metso NW Rapid™ equipment consisting of track-mounted mobile crushers, screens and conveyors, as well as wheel-mounted portable crushers, screens and conveyors.

Lokotrack® Urban™ is a special range of mobile jaw crushers equipped with noise and dust suppression that allows operating closer to populated areas.   

All the equipment is backed up with our thorough process knowledge and extensive global service network.

Services and parts for contractors
Get the most out of your assets

Metso is committed to helping you get the most out of your entire operation. Our comprehensive service portfolio is supported by deep technical knowledge, experienced people, and specialized tools to maximize your profitability.

Without proper parts, equipment cannot function optimally. While often seen as a simple transaction where all parts look the same, the truth is that parts are critical and can greatly impact production and profitability.

Metso offers standard spare parts with quick delivery. Wear parts, on the other hand, can be tailored just for you to protect your equipment against overload, unplanned shutdowns and premature wearing out of main components.


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