Screening in aggregates production

The crushers are the muscle in the process, but the screens are the brains of the rock processing circuit. Crushing equipment selection is often carefully considered due to high capital and operating costs, but because screens control the product quality and specifications, they have a very large impact on a plant’s profitability.

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How to meet all the different screening needs of an aggregate plant?

A typical aggregate plant has various types of screens performing different tasks, from primary screens and scalps to dewatering screens. Additionally, many existing plants are a mix of various generations of machines and from various suppliers. Many operators spend a significant amount of time dealing with various suppliers and learning things on their own. How do you achieve maximum availability and product quality while balancing all these different demands?

A complete solution from screening equipment to media and service

Metso’s unique full offering of reliable screens, durable screening media, and service capabilities allow us to deliver results. Here's what makes our screening solutions stand out from the competition:

Reliability – With 10,000s of units of vibrating equipment delivered, we have fine-tuned our designs using state of the art engineering techniques, validated that against field performance. Intelligent design is not about using heavier or larger elements, it is about identifying all the possible failure modes and them designing them out to eliminate the chance of failure. Vibrating equipment experiences over a million cycles in a few days’ time, so getting the small details right is critical.

Simple design – Our science based approach and extensive experience allows us to keep the equipment simple to operate and maintain. This way, the operators can do exactly what they need to do. Comprehensive standardization of Metso equipment means that with minimal training your operators can service a full range of Metso equipment.

Better part availability – Our standard machines are designed for maximum commonality to utilize the same wear parts and screening media wherever possible. If you have screen types in various configurations, and maybe even semi-customized screens all from Metso, they can potentially use all the same wear parts and the typical insurance spare parts, meaning you can keep little to no inventory and maintain maximum liquidity.

Full range – Some suppliers with limited offerings try to vary the process so that it fits the machine or even compromise the process because of their limited offering. With our full offering, we first select the right process to deliver results, and then select the machine and media type without bias, since we have it all.

Global experience, local expertise – Innovation and advances in aggregate processing are happening all over the world. Our footprint allows us to take that knowledge and share it with our customers so they can make their operations the most reliable and profitable. But we are also present locally with our service personnel and partners to ensure timely response and that you have access to all information needed.

Compatibility with older plants – Our capabilities to customize our standard screens to replace older generation technology allow replacement screen solutions that are easy to install, and in many cases, without changes to the surrounding structures. This allows you to get the newest and proven technology, with access to wear and spare part global supply for your older operations. And if you have one of the many legacy Metso brands, and it just works, we can provide duplicates and exact replacement machine.

Machine and part lead time – Our deep standardization not only means we have spare parts always in stock, it also means we can provide whole machines, even customized versions, in a very short time. Many of our screens are assembled-to-order (ATO); we have the parts on the ground and they put it together exactly how you need it, when and where you need it.

Minimize risk Leverage all your equipment, media and parts needs into one contract to gain the best financing and commercial terms, and minimize project risk. The equipment works as a system and the machine, media and parts are codependent. If there are any issues, it is all from one source. Therefore, the resolution of those issues is faster and more complete.

Performance-based contracts – We are confident in our process solutions. In certain cases, we can offer the packaged equipment as a performance-based contract, whereby we get paid when the equipment performs. This gives you the peace of mind to know that whatever situation comes up, Metso is there to support you.

Significant savings with Metso screening solutions

Better reliability

stronger design, less chance of failure


Improvement in operational availability generate significant revenue

€120,000 / y

Additional revenue for a 1% improvement, in a plant at 300 tph and 4000 h/y, and aggregate sold at 10€ ton

>> 2 x

greater additional revenue than the entire cost of the machine and media

Learn more about Metso complete screen solutions

Different situations necessitate different priorities but Metso’s complete and flexible range of screens means we can simplify the selection process and meet all of our diverse customer’s needs.