Reduce the environmental impact by recycling the water

Dewatering is a vital step in mineral processing. Removing the moisture enables easy and cost-effective handling and transportation of minerals. Metso’s effective dewatering solutions reduce the environmental impact on site by producing a completely dry concentrate and recycling the water recovered during processing.


Up to 90% water recovery with the Metso VPX™ filter.

Less required floor area

Up to 50% smaller floor area with inclined plate settlers.

Latest technology

Smarter mineral recovery with highly automated filtration technology.

Global network, local presence

100+ years of experience in minerals processing around the world.

Economic and sustainable dewatering solutions for the mining industry

Avoiding wastage of water is a goal we share with you. With proven experience in minerals processing, we help our customers to achieve optimum product quality by using appropriate dewatering technology and optimization services.

We have experience in dewatering both easy and difficult ores in various mining sites around the world. 

Our inclined plate settlers, tube presses, spiral dewaterers and vertical pressure filters ensure high degree of separation of the liquid and solid phases bringing improved profitability.

The robust parts and fit-for-purpose services, in turn, are designed to increase the performance of both new and alreay existing equipment and dewatering processes.


Parts and services for dewatering

See how other mining companies have improved profitability and reduced risk!


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