Complete crushing and screening plants for mining or industrial applications

Reduce operational costs and increase your return on capital employed – crush more, grind less.

Increase your return on investment and reduce the cost per ton

Metso's expertise and technology in crushing, screening and conveying help you save time, energy and money. Our experts work with you as a partner to determine the best process and equipment for your specific needs.

Efficient fine crushing can reduce grinding cost by 10-30%. It is one of the most effective investments to reduce the cost per ton and increase your revenue. Based on our knowledge of industrial processes, Metso will recommend tailor-made solutions for your operation to provide the best results.

Complete mining and industrial process solutions

We offer a complete spectrum of engineering services – equipment, plant engineering, process automation and mining services – including
testing, installation, commissioning, startup, training and product support.

Engineered solutions for your application

Metso's engineering experts will design and develop the best plant design in terms of process, maintenance and cost per ton for your application.


Efficiency through new comminution technology


Higher efficiency with cobbing opportunities


Increased production with cavity optimization


Higher efficiency with plant control by automation

Examine every element of your mining process

Your concern is producing high grade minerals in an environmentally sustainable way and getting a good return on your investment. Every process in the mining operation counts on the bottom line. Crusher systems experts can help you determine the best process and machines for your specific application.