Conveying and material handling systems

We are proud to offer a wide range of conveying systems to meet the needs of our customers; overland, mobile, shiftable, Lokolink, high angle, belt wagons, tripper cars, and more. Our solutions are designed to maximise availability and transport performance.

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The cost-effective, reliable, transport of material

Transporting minerals and waste from the mine can cost over 50% of total mining costs. With today's commodity price pressures, increasing costs, and complex social and environmental requirements, miners are seeking to be more efficient in their operations, turning their attention to in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) as a solution. However, the performance of a complete IPCC solution can be highly dependent on the selection, design, performance, and reliability of the conveying system.

Metso Conveying Systems

A well designed, built and maintained conveying system as part of a complete In-the-pit Solution (ITPS) will help you to achieve operational excellence.

Metso offers a comprehensive range of equipment, service and technology for even the most challenging applications.

In the pit, Metso has the full portfolio of In-the-pit conveying systems that are designed to minimise relocation time and maximise transport performance. High-end technology allows you to monitor and control the equipment, such as positioning, collision detection, data collection and system analysis to support in-pit relocations. From the bottom to the top of the pit, conventional and high angle conveyor solutions are also available.

Out of the pit, Overland conveyors with patented energy saving idlers (ESI), booster drives at carry side and tailored shaftless pulleys provide excellent reliability, performance and low transport cost. 

In the beneficiation plant, In-plant conveyors together with the wide portfolio of conveyor components ensure maximum availability and performance of the operation.

Wherever your need is to transport material, we are here to support you through specification, design, engineering, supply, and local service.

Metso delivers reliable conveying solutions in any application, backed up by decades of experience and local support.

Metso mining conveyors contribute to sustainable operations, bringing significant social, environmental and financial returns.

Metso conveyors are ready to meet the highest demanding requirements of industry with our unique and complete portfolio of solutions. Conveyors are an efficient way to transport material in all aspects: energy consumption, CO2 and particulates emissions, noise levels, water utilisation, number of people in the pit, exposure to hazards, net present cost and others. Some of our innovations include:

  • Energy saving idlers - further improving energy efficiency
  • Lokolinks - contributing significantly to minimising relocation downtime

Our ability to deliver and apply exclusive proprietary knowledge means that we can be with you even in the most challenging of applications.


in energy consumption

Less CO2

and particulate emissions


water use


noise levels


human resources




operating cost

Less exposure

to hazard risks

A real and sustainable impact on the quality of your bottom line

For every customer we serve, we bring a hands-on commitment to making the solutions work while minimizing your costs through efficiency and
expertise. At Metso, we know your entire minerals process and are dedicated to making it even more efficient. Take a look at some of the ways in which our technology helps you save both energy and money.

Learn more about ESI idlers, intermediary booster drives, Shaft less pulleys, Lokolink and other Metso products and solutions.