In-the-pit Solutions

Metso's state-of-the-art fully mobile, semi-mobile and conveying & material handling solutions and services (ITPS), brings forth a safer and sustainable alternative for transportation in the mines at a significantly lower operating cost. #ConveyingTheFuture

Sustainable Mining at the core

Today, mines are being challenged to rethink how they both remain profitable and be socially & environmentally responsible moving into the future. With high-grade ore deposits depleting, mines of the future have to extract more, requiring movement & processing of even larger volumes, which is much more expensive and energy intensive. We provide intelligent solutions that can be automated, monitored & controlled, to reduce the need to put people in higher-risk circumstances.

To produce metals, minerals, aggregates and energy for today’s global needs, the mining industry must handle huge volumes of material, sometimes moving entire mountains. The industry is seeking solutions that result in lower operating costs than conventional truck haulage, use less water, consume less energy and address stricter occupational health and safety laws.

Using an in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) system to reduce or replace conventional truck haulage to the plant or waste dump brings significant savings in operating costs and lowers energy usage, water consumption, dust, emissions and noise. IPCC systems also open up the future of mining and processing technology by implementing pre-concentration of ore in the pit, greater automation, condition monitoring and remote control.

Metso In-the-pit Solutions (ITPS) bring together our years of expertise and knowledge with a full range of offerings and capabilities that deliver the right equipment, services and technology for our customers.

Metso In-the-pit Solutions

Concept to execution

ITPS is more than just in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) equipment. Our expertise across a broad spectrum of products, technologies, and services is here to work with you from concept and pre-feasibility through to designing, implementing, and maintaining the right solution.

Concept & Feasibility studies

  • Concept study

    A high-level concept and pre-evaluation of a new project is critical to the success of your business. At Metso, our concept feasibility studies identify potential opportunities, for complete solutions at a lower cost. The concept study presents a comprehensive budget review, mining plan and comparative evaluations. Our goals are yours as we aim to achieve your long-term production targets supported by our process and product knowledge.

  • Rock testing

    With our network of rock testing facilities in all markets, we are able to full the fundamental criteria for selecting the most appropriate crushing and conveying solutions. We test and evaluate the ore on several parameters, such as density (in-situ & in-feed), hardness / crushability, feed gradation (feed size distribution), abrasivity and moisture.

Design & Engineering

  • Simulation & Modelling

    Using our global expertise, we are able to plan ahead and propose the ideal solution. We use computer simulation and modeling technology to ensure that our equipment solutions are customized for each specific purpose. Our process specialists optimize the entire process for you, whether it is to improve drilling and blasting results for the in-pit system or to design an optimized process for the entire operation from mine-to-mill.

  • Engineered for excellence

    Our holistic design philosophy saves in more ways than one. At Metso, we design and build equipment with features that minimize the need for service, save time and money, improve occupational health and safety, and maximize production. In essence, we engineer solutions that can be installed quickly, are operator friendly and are easy to access and maintain.

Procurement & Commissioning 

  • System Implementation

    Commitment to managing costs and schedules for every project is paramount to us. Our industry-leading Project Execution model ensures successful delivery
    and start-up. We can not only deliver the system to the site but also supervise installation and commissioning while managing the entire process.
    Our comprehensive implementation services include documentation, automation, commissioning, training, supervision, and coordination.

  • Automation

    Metso solutions come with standard safety features that can be automated to your requirements by our automation and control experts. An example of one of our off-the-shelf systems is the advanced ICrTM wireless information process control system, which enables the crushing process to be monitored and controlled remotely from the excavator cabin.

Operation & Maintenance

  • Performance-based maintenance contracts.

    Metso leads the industry in offering services, tailored to your needs, under Life Cycle Services (LCS) contracts. An LCS contract can include: maintenance
    planning, maintenance services, spare and wear parts, consignment stock and more.

  • Dedicated local service

    Our local services teams are always close to you to ensure the highest standards of quality, productivity and cost efficiency. Well equipped with the knowledge of local conditions and regulations, our local services include any or all of the following:

    • Training programs
    • Maintenance services
    • Spare and wear parts
    • Diagnostics support


Lower costs, improved safety, and reduced environmental load

Using an in-the-pit solution to reduce or replace conventional truck haulage to the plant or waste dump brings significant savings in operating costs, energy use, and water consumption. It also has a positive impact on the environment and social responsibility through a reduction in dust, noise, emissions, oil and water, and improved safety.



Over 6000 systems sold


Energy efficient equipment


Designed for safety and ease of use


Improved NPV for the life of mine

A real and sustainable impact on the quality of your bottom line

For every customer we serve, we bring a hands-on commitment to making the solutions work while minimizing your costs through efficiency and expertise. At Metso, we know your entire minerals process and are dedicated to making it even more efficient. Take a look at some of the ways in which our technology helps you save both energy and money.