Unloading in mining

Shorter duty-cycles and larger capacities for greater unloading volume and efficiency


Moving up to 100 cars per hour

100+ years of experience in minerals processing

Efficient and economical unloading solutions for the mining industry

Metso's efficient equipment, robust parts and advanced services simplify and speed up the unloading process for bulk material handling in mining operations. Our high capacity solutions make handling a wide variety of materials a rapid, automatic process.

Whether it is coal, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite or potash, Metso has established a reputation of excellence in providing the right solution to move it.

Rapid unloading requires specialized equipment for the movement of railcars, barges, ships to and from the unloading point. Whether it is one car or a unit train, our material handling solutions can move it at a rate up to 40 cars per hour.

Metso can engineer and supply all of the necessary main haulage and auxiliary equipment to facilitate your trans-loading operations. Our wire rope driven, sidearm positioner handles from low to high throughput applications.

We have the latest available technology and services to improve uptime and safety in your operations.