Pelletizing in mining

Providing higher output with lower fuel usage and emissions

Fewer fines and less variation in compression strength

100+ years of experience in minerals processing

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Increasing the economic value of ores and minerals with pelletizing solutions for the mining industry

Pelletizing is a process in mining operations through which iron ore fines are transformed into an agglomerated form called iron ore pellets, suitable for use in an iron-making furnace such as a blast furnace or electric arc furnace. Each iron making furnace has specific iron ore pellet chemistry requirements that govern the design criteria of an iron ore pelletizing plant.

Metso's equipment, parts and services for pelletizing process are designed to increase capacity, reduce fuel and power consumption, and cut maintenance costs.

Our equipment and parts are built to withstand the severe process heat and highly abrasive environments, required to produce pellets of a consistent quality at a lower cost.

Metso's optimization and maintenance services, on the other hand, ensure that the pelletizing equipment and the entire pelletizing process work effectively, producing the maximum output in the long run.