Slurry pumping in mining

 20% lower energy consumption and 10% longer wear life

Pumping costs dropped by 40% due to 50% longer pump life

17% increase in pump efficiency reduces energy consumption by 15%  

New pumps require 75% less maintenance and save over 6 billion liters of water  

Slurry pumping accounts for most of pumping costs in mining

Slurry pumps represent only about 5% of all centrifugal pumps installed in the mining industry, but slurry pumping is responsible for up to 80 % of the total operating pumping costs. Due to high operating expenses, even small improvements in pumping efficiency reduce the total pumping costs significantly.

Metso’s slurry pumps and slurry pumping services are designed to increase the energy efficiency, improve throughput, reduce wear life, and cut downtime.

Our product and service range for slurry pumping cover vertical and horizontal slurry pumps, slurry pipes, slurry hoses, slurry valves, parts, as well as optimization, maintenance and repair services.

We have +100 years of experience in slurry pumping and minerals processing, which we are happy to share with you. Wherever you are located, Metso’s experts are at your service to improve the slurry pumping performance.