Slurry transportation

Slurry transportation

Reduce wear and energy consumption

Slurry transportation is one of the cornerstones of slurry handling. In mining and minerals processing operations, slurry transportation ensures that the slurry runs smoothly and accurately to the desired destination at minimal cost.

Durability and quality

Natural rubber-lined pipes have five times longer wear compared to typical polyethylene pipes.

Lower costs

Better wear life and energy efficiency saves $50,000 annually.

Save energy

17% increase in pump efficiency reduces energy consumption by 15%.

Less maintenance

Pumping costs dropped by 40% thanks to 50% longer pump life.

Slurry transportation ensures that pumping costs in mining do not get out of hand

Slurry transportation and slurry pumping are the foundation of slurry handling. In mining operations, pumps are needed to generate the required push to get the slurry moving, and slurry transportation architecture, consisting of pipes, hoses, couplings and gaskets of varying diameters, among other things, ensures that the slurry runs smoothly to the desired destination.

An optimal slurry transportation system is designed to support pumps and other minerals processing equipment. In a well-functioning pipeline slurry flows effortlessly, resulting in less wear and energy consumption.

Metso’s slurry transportation solutions consist of equipment, parts and services such as pipelines, pipes, hoses, slurry valves, spare and wear parts, as well as, maintenance and optimization services. 

Equipment for slurry transportation

Parts and services for slurry transportation

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