Underground primary crushing

Real estate is expensive underground, and the space restrictions set demands on the selection of a primary crusher. The solution lies in the right frame design.

Narrow and tight tunnels set challenges for installation

Placing the primary crushing station underground close to the mineral resources is often an attractive and economically feasible option. The material can then be transported out for further processing using conveyors, which is a more economical and efficient way in comparison to the other available solutions. The challenge is that in many cases, the mine tunnels and shafts are narrow and tight and moving large pieces underground is not easy due to the restrictions with available space. The weight of the pieces to be transported underground may also prove to be a challenge due to the payload of the carriers and the maximum capacity of the mine hoists.

Bolted crusher frame enables transportation in pieces

The Nordberg C Series jaw crushers can be dismantled for transport underground. Transporting even the largest C Series jaw crushers underground in pieces and assembling them in the final location is easy. Typically, the final assembly underground only takes a week. When moving a Nordberg C Series jaw underground in pieces, each piece is reasonable in terms of dimensions and weight so that underground logistics are easy to manage. Despite of transport in pieces, each Nordberg C Series jaw crusher is assembled and test ran at the factory and if required, only after that dismantled for transport. What makes all this possible is the revolutionary pinned and bolted frame construction of the Nordberg C Series jaw crushers.

Cost savings in infrastructure

The possibility to take the crusher underground in pieces generates significant cost savings in the mine infrastructure thanks to smaller space requirements in the tunnels and mine shafts and lower lifting capacity requirements. Installing large, efficient and productive primary crushers underground becomes economically feasible.

Cost savings

In mine infrastructure and logistics

Safe operation

thanks to less traffic

More efficient

Primary crushing near resources

Easy to relocate

As distance from a deposit grows too long

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