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Blog: Correct decisions call for accurate device data

Timo Hänninen
Timo Hänninen
Vice President, Flow Control Services
Decisions about devices that need to be maintained, upgraded or replaced during a shutdown or turnaround are far-reaching when it comes to plant reliability. A plant has to live with these decisions – good or bad ones – hopefully until the next planned shutdown. That’s why it is crucial that the decisions are based on correct device and process data.

To boost plant reliability, availability and process performance, both proactive and predictive maintenance are a must. After all, you want your plant to run smoothly and efficiently with only minimal maintenance for the entire shutdown interval of, let’s say, the next five years. Unexpected device failure increases safety risks, disturbs production and costs a lot of money.

To identify the devices that need to be removed and repaired, it is necessary to know their condition and life-cycle status. For an older-generation device, support may no longer be available. Another device might not currently show any signs of failure, but it has aged and now presents a risk to plant reliability and performance.

Every device has its story to tell. You need to know its story to make the right decisions – ones that you and your plant can live with until the next planned shutdown.

Only accurate installed base data will make it possible to plan the necessary maintenance actions and know what resources, tools, equipment and parts are needed when the shutdown or turnaround begins. If one of these vital elements is missing, you will have missed a critical opportunity to protect the plant from unplanned shutdowns.

Control loop monitoring opens up a new view into the process

How can you tap into this important data while the process is running and before decisions have to be made? With intelligent tools.

For years, Metso has been delivering smart products that feature advanced diagnostics capabilities and provide information about the valve condition for the plant operators.

Today, digitalization is strongly entering device maintenance and further improving device diagnostics. Metso's Performance Solutions and the Expertune PlantTriageTM control loop monitoring system open up a totally new view into process performance. PlantTriage gathers process data from control systems and monitors thousands of control loops. It oversees process control loops night and day, diagnoses and prioritizes opportunities for improvements, and pinpoints major economic paybacks in a very simple and understandable way to enable fast and easy decision making.

Last but not least, to back up the plant’s decision-making, Metso offers its vast experience for its customers. Who would know better than the original equipment manufacturer how various devices behave in various applications? This knowledge forms the basis for maintenance programs that aim at ensuring maximum valve performance. Our wide flow control service network enables good service levels for our customers globally.

Our job is to enable the plant to have correct data to plan the needed actions well in advance and thus ensure high availability until the next planned shutdown.


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We will follow-up this interesting theme with separate posts on the importance of installed base data, well-planned shutdowns / turnarounds and, last but not least,  how using existing data streams improves efficiency. Stay tuned.