Jun 14, 2018 Go with the flow

Blog: When reliability and environmental efficiency matter – how we help reach next-generation targets

Marko Lindeman
Marko Lindeman
Sales Director
As pulp and paper mills evolve to stay competitive and respond to new regulations on emissions, they constantly seek ways to make their processes more reliable and efficient. These are the targets we often hear when starting large projects. Our formula for success lies in offering three key services: correctly selected valves, a full-scope service agreement and project expertise.

The right valve for the job

Every pulp and paper mill, with its vast process networks, has countless needs for valves. Equally as critical to the process as any other component, valves are pivotal when it comes to environmental sustainability and high production reliability. Both these goals must be met over the entire lifecycle of any successful modern mill

When valves are carefully selected for fitness to their task, it helps mills operate efficiently: reducing maintenance, adding uptime and supporting the environmental efficiency of a mill. Additionally, properly selected valves operate within the correct setting range for their application.

We know this sector well – with 60 years of experience working with the pulp and paper industry. We have earned a reputation, especially in the forest industry, for supplying product quality, reliability and service excellence.

With our recent large installation of valves for Metsä Group’s next-generation bioproducts mill in Finland, we finished as usual, on time and in budget, choosing the correct valves, with auxiliary devices, that ensure top production reliability and environmental sustainability. To achieve production volumes at the new mill almost three times greater than the old one, we helped Metsä Group close the water process and chemical cycles more efficiently.

How do we do it? The control accuracy of our valves is built-in. Self-diagnostics contribute to operational stability and environmental performance. Digital valve controllers keep the valve in the correct position needed for different process phases, providing correct flow volumes.

Service agreement for uninterrupted production

To support the operational reliability of our installed valves, we always strongly recommend a full-scope spare parts, maintenance and service agreement. Such an agreement is important to ensure the ongoing availability of spare parts and competent personnel resources.

When mill management and operators know they can get the needed parts or people on time, they are better able to plan their own operations. Our customers really appreciate the local service we can provide. And our people take the major role in making sure that the production process is always operating in an optimal manner.

Project management expertise matters

In big projects, management expertise is as important as technical experience. For each project, large or small, we put together the right kind of team, with careful timetable planning, technical know-how and project documentation ­– because details matter, most especially when targeting high reliability and environmental efficiency.

In August 2017, the cutting-edge Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill started up. We are proud to have been a part of it. With its superb technology and innovative products, the mill is destined to become an iconic production site for generations.

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