Jun 28, 2012 Go with the flow

Eliminate noise before it is born

At the ACHEMA 2012 exhibition Frankfurt the new Metso noise reduction Q2-trim was a real attraction! It was exciting to watch people walking by, and as their eyes caught the Neles ball valve cutting piece with the new Q2-trim inside, they immediately walked towards it.

Ville Kähkönen, Product manager ball valves, presenting the new enhanced noise attenuation trim at ACHEMA 2012.

How interesting can a piece of metal be? It is so much more than just a ball with holes drilled in it. This is a clear indication of how important it is to be able to show concrete elements, where you can lay your hands on. Some of the most enthusiasts could not resist touching the shiny ball valve surface, and feel the new trim inside the valve body.

Metso Automation has written history again by showing the dedication to industry applications and safety – eliminating noise before it is born.

Download brochure and read more about the new Q2-trim noise reduction capabilites here:  Q2-Trim_Brochure

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Written by Sari Aronen. For additional information on the topic, please contact ville.kahkonen@metso.com