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Blog: IIoT – how this information is priceless for process control

Cristian Moraes
Cristian Moraes
Performance Solutions Manager
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming more common in process industries and manufacturing, introducing a new level of device condition monitoring. For valves, IIoT-based solutions enable continuous monitoring of their condition and efficiency. But these solutions are only helpful if you are listening to the information and using it to direct actions.

In modern plants, devices and valves contain a lot of valuable performance and condition data. The smart valve positioner gives signals if any valve deviates from its ideal behavior or shows signs of evolving problems. If identified early, these diagnostics can prevent unplanned downtime and production losses, maintain end-product quality, reduce safety hazards and save you a fortune.

Are you listening to these subtle signals? Can you interpret them correctly and in time?

With the constant development of IIoT, process control is becoming a competitive advantage. Cloud-based platforms and data-driven solutions, such as Metso’s Expertune PlantTriage, can effectively gather even the most hidden details that matter. And we report and analyze it automatically – 24/7.

This information is collected to a centralized platform – on a plant network or in the cloud. Better analytics of all devices, delivered to the right person, helps plants drive production and maintenance to the optimum.

For instance, even the slightest hitch detected can be indicative, for instance, of a certain valve’s tendency to stick. Is that a process-critical control valve sticking due to chemical buildup? You no longer need to guess. Accurate and precise diagnostics ensure that you have the right answers – before you send someone to the field to fix it.

Information improves control. And better control means optimized performance, timely maintenance and reduced risk of unexpected shutdowns.

With information systems comes security risks. As hackers are becoming more deceptive, security can be a big concern. What exactly do we do to fend off cyberattacks and guard our solutions – and our customers’ systems?

In the video interview made by KCI Publishing during Valve World 2018 expo in Düsseldorf, I answer these questions along with others. You can safely and securely get the benefits of IIoT with the right approach. Watch the video to find out why we feel the information from IIoT is priceless.

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