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Metso expert video: Lifecycle of an ESD valve – an install-and-forget device?

Ville Kähkönen
Ville Kähkönen
Director of Industry Management
ESD valves are often thought of as install-and-forget devices. However, is this the right approach? ESD valves must perform faultlessly in an emergency situation. How do you keep these valves operational at all times and fulfill the original safety requirement specifications?
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"As long as some safety standards continue to be revised and new standards appear, there will still be considerable confusion about what the safety requirements for ESD valves actually are. The truth is that the install-and-forget approach is no longer an option for an ESD valve. You need to take care of several aspects of its lifecycle before an ESD valve can be reliable and compliant. I'll outline what measures to take to ensure operation and safety instrumented function (SIF) availability of ESD valve over the long run."

The ESD valve – an install-and-forget device? presentation by our expert Ville Kähkönen took place as part of Severe Service Applications at the Valve World Conference 2018 on November 27, 2018. Watch video on this topic above.