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Video: How Metso helps plants reduce fugitive emissions

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Taija Hämäläinen (Director, Neles® & Mapag® butterfly valves product center) is interviewed during Valve World 2014 Expo (Dec 2 - 4, 2014) on the topic of her Conference paper, 'Fugitive emission standards - remedy or futility in the battle to comply with clean air regulations?'.

Excerpt from the paper abstract: 'In addition to the health and safety risks, fugitive emissions also result in significant production and economic losses. Concerns over greenhouse gasses and climate change are leading to more restrictive governmental regulations on allowable emissions. Plant owners are being forced to spend more time and money to stay in compliance with the lower emission mandates. There have been several reports stating 50 to 60% of emissions from a plant are attributed to external leakage from valves. In an attempt to reduce emission from valves, numerous standards were developed, such as ISO-15848-1 and -2, TA-Luft, EPA Method 21, and several more to establish a test methods and guidelines for allowable emission levels. In addition, unsatisfied with the concessions made during development of these standards, big international companies have developed their own internal standards to be followed. So are we any closer to a solution to the problem of complying with the regulations?'