Apr 13, 2016 Go with the flow

Videos: Neles NDX - Performance perfected

Marko Rissanen
Marko Rissanen
Product Manager, Engineering
We want to give our customers the freedom of choice. That’s why the Neles® NDX® valve controller is designed for compatibility with virtually all valves and any DCS control systems. You can have all the NDX® benefits with no additional investments required.
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The Neles® NDX® is our latest and highly anticipated addition to the comprehensive valve controller offering. The new valve controller has been designed with measurable customer benefits and user experience in mind. It offers accurate and reliable performance in a wide range of customer applications, regardless of industry or the brand of valves being used. Performance perfected.

The Neles® NDX® offers control accuracy that will have a direct and positive effect on process variability and, subsequently, on profitability. The diagnostics of the Neles® NDX® provide up-to-date information on control valve performance, enabling improvements in process efficiency. NDX® has been designed to save time and resources through fast and easy installation and commissioning. It is suited for a wide range of valves, regardless of size or type.

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