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Metso in pulp and paper

Do you feel the pinch of ever-increasing environmental regulations, safety requirements and digitalization as you work toward your production targets? Are you converting your machines from paper into board or tissue lines?

New and rapidly changing production demands in the pulp and paper business call for trustworthy, innovative partners. 75% of the world’s pulp flow through Metso's valves, making us the leading partner for the pulp and paper industry.

Our deep knowledge of the entire process – from planning to running successful operations – enables us to help mills meet these new challenges, improve process efficiency, boost business profitability and promote sustainability throughout the mill’s life cycle. Our wide valve offering, comprehensive support and technical services are by far the broadest on the market to cover all pulp and paper needs.

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All you need to make it flow – smoothly

Metso is the market leader in top-quality on-off and control valves that support safe and sustainable pulp and paper making. And unlike others, our track record proves it. Our world-leading valve solutions cover all pulp and paper processes and are by far the broadest on the market.

We have been at the forefront of pulp & paper innovations for over 60 years. Our specifically engineered valves for P&P applications, noise reduction technology, sizing technology, digital monitoring technology and other embedded intelligence and safety features add unbeatable value, taking your pulp and paper making into the next generation.

Secure your mill’s success throughout its life cycle

Over the past 60+ years, we have generated most of the pulp and paper industry-specific valve innovations, including the capping valve for batch cooking, basis weight control valve, the ceramic ball valve for erosive applications and the intelligent valve controllers that keep you in charge of your mill’s process. Our products for pulp and paper mills feature innovative yet simple construction, operation and maintenance, enabling you to optimize process performance at the lowest possible costs.

We make sure you receive efficient support, on time. Our strong global presence means we are always close by to assist you with any valve-related issues – and even beyond. We’ll help you with valve selection, delivery and startup, and you can count on us to be available over the lifetime of your mill. Because for us, every detail matters.

For you, this results in maximized process availability, better efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. What’s more, we’ll work with you to increase your sustainability and reach a higher overall level of mill safety.