Metso in the tissue industry

Metso’s comprehensive flow control solutions are designed in close cooperation with the process and machinery builder. Therefore, it addresses many challenges that tissuemakers have to face, such as dealing with the complex chemistry in tissue making, achieving better runnability and higher energy efficiency. Metso’s optimized valve selections are geared towards optimum productivity, energy efficiency and product quality.

Highest level of reliability

Our solutions offer the highest level of reliability for the pulp&paper industry. We pioneer specialized product innovations to overcome specific customer application challenges and then apply those cutting-edge technologies to general-purpose products. The results of these efforts are the safest, most reliable and accurate valves available anywhere in the world.

  • Improved safety and security
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Process efficiency optimization
  • Extended operational uptime
  • Suppliers and partners with real-world application and industry know-how
  • Custom-engineered products for increasingly complicated and application-specific challenges