Valves for fluid catalytic cracking

The Fluid Catalytic Cracking process is one of the most profitable processes at today’s refineries. However, high temperatures and corrosive medium can quickly turn a profitable process into a plant-wide downtime nightmare. As a dependency for downstream processes, reliability in the FCC is a must.

Erosion and abrasion caused by catalyst fines

FCC process steps (converter, flue gas, main fractionator, regeneration and vapor recovery) all present different challenges that require unique solutions. However, all require erosion resistance, control accuracy, rangeability and uncompromising reliability especially in safety-critical locations.

The slurries used in the FCC process are erosive. Valves that are poorly designed or use less than ideal materials of construction will wear quickly causing dangerous conditions and downtime. on poorly designed and constructed valves.

Metalurgy, coatings and seat design make the difference between uptime and downtime

The FCC process is hot and abrasive. In order to achieve the greatest performance and uptime we focus on delivering the exact right material selection and trim coating materials. Our proprietary seat design is proven to reduce the collection of solids and keep valves operating reliably longer than the competition.

Metso has been developing severe service valves for more than 50 years. That experience helps to create operational efficiencies that minimize catalyst expenditures. Also, most critically, the valves are proven to stand the test of time allowing your refinery to operate safely and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Metso provides valves for traditional FCC designs proven to adeptly handle extremely erosive conditions. We also work with refineries at the cutting edge to revamp FCC units into residual FCC’s in which the challenges of heavier feedstock and all around more extreme service conditions must be overcome.

Accuracy and reliability in the most demanding applications

At Metso your investment is our responsibility. We provide severe service valves built without compromise to protect your process integrity and increase productivity and safety.

- Increased uptime at extreme erosive conditions
- Safety
- Seamless conversion to intelligent digital positioning saves time and money
- Reliable partner for FCC revamping

Eliminate erosion and abrasion. Maximize uptime and throughput

Fluid Catalytic Cracking is a tough, but highly potentially profitable process. Learn more about how Metso can help you optimize the ROI of your FCC.

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