Valves for hydrocracking

Global demand for gasoline and gas oil has motivated refiners to convert as much heavy feedstock into light clean fuel as possible. Efficiencies in the hydrocracking process are the key to boosting profit margin and, when done right, can become a source of continued competitive advantage.

Efficiency under pressure

Hydrocracking is tough business. The process is characterized by extreme pressure and temperature. Additionally, harsh conditions including flashing, noise and volatility make the process especially challenging and the source of potential dangers. Valves are both safety-critical and potential sources of new efficiencies within energy dispersal and catalyst systems. 

Hydrocracking also demands a high level of valve accuracy to control the catalyst system and reactor temperature. Inaccurate or poorly performing valves will result in imbalanced ratios of quenching hydrogen and catalyst that can cause dangerous conditions, downtime, and threaten throughput integrity.

Metso control valves: Precision under fire

Developed specifically to overcome challenges of hydrocracking, Metso valves help refiners to operate efficiently by controlling, with extreme precision, the flow of hydrogen and catalyst into the system.

Control accuracy and reliability can potentially save refiners large sums in hydrogen and catalyst costs. Even a 1% savings in fuel will pay for the valve technology many times over. But, more importantly, valve reliability is critical to mitigate safety concerns and prevent temperature runaway in the reactor.   

In addition to improving hydrocracking unit efficiency, Metso valves are proven to last longer and be more reliable, saving customers even more in downstream maintenance and labor costs while also reducing lifetime cost of ownership.

Precision begets profit

Minor per day efficiencies can grow into huge per annum savings. Metso valve solutions can make those potential efficiencies a reality and become part of your competitive advantage. 

  • Savings in fuel and hydrogen costs
  • Improved catalyst efficiency through high precision
  • Certified safety to burner operations

See how hydrocracking control is achieved

Discover how Metso engineers tackle the challenges of hydrocracking to keep systems running at peak efficiency day after day, year after year.

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