Shredding waste saves space

However enormous a landfill site first appears, it is surprising how quickly – and how ineffectively – it can become full. Regardless of how bulky, resilient or abrasive your waste may be, effective shredding makes best use of the space available by considerably reducing the volume, which also helps accelerate the transformation processes of the shredded waste

Metso shredder equipment includes three sizes of mobile shredders with a variety of mounts, all capable of providing a range of grain sizes. This makes it easy to select the most efficient and cost-effective shredding solution for a wide variety of landfills.

Waste type

  • Bulky
  • Industrial (C&I)
  • Household (MSW)
  • Wood
  • Construction and demolition (C&D)

Advanced shredding technology

Metso Waste Recycling shredding technology is based on an extremely aggressive knife design and open cutting table. These distinct technical advantages ensure that our shredders provide outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials.

These key features also make M&J PreShred units extremely resistant to wear caused by materials and waste normally considered as non-shreddable, including solid steel, reinforced concrete and rocks.

M&J PreShred units tackle most forms of waste – even the non-shreddable kind. We have developed special models to perform efficiently on specific types of material. These differences in capability are determined, for example, by the size of the cutting area, number of shafts, design of the rotating knives and available motor power.


Suitable products for landfill

Key advantages of the M&J PreShred

  • Open cutting table reduces wear to the bare minimum
  • Bi-directional shredding results in a consistent flow of shredded material onto downstream conveyors
  • Asynchronous shredding keeps waste constantly moving, thus improving shredding efficiency
  • With our aggressive knife design, no pushing device is required
  • Central lubricating system is standard on all machines
  • Automatic reversal if knives encounter large or tough steel cement parts
  • Intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to processed material characteristics.
  • The PLC control system is equipped with six standard programs, including two that can be individually programmed
  • Hardox steel used in all parts of the cutting table exposed to wear
  • Bi-directional shredding with equal speed and torque reduces wear and improves capability and pre-shredder capacity