How to produce alternative fuels

Worldwide focus on recovering as much energy out of waste as possible, has led to waste processing being an important growth market for shredder technology at WTE plants. Numerous technologies now exist to produce fuels and energy from waste. Incineration
is the most common WTE conversion but to maintain a consistent flow, increase combustion efficiency, improve emission and reduce costs, it is essential that the waste is pre-shredded.

 What does customer say?

Benefit for our customers

The benefits of M&J PreShred series in Waste-to-Energy processing include

  •        Versatility to enable different waste types to be processed
  •        Low wear costs
  •        High availability factor
  •        Slow turning with low dust and noise emissions
  •        Worldwide experience from different applications
  •        Non-sensitive to impurities in the waste stream

Products for waste-to-energy plants

Advantage in M&J PreShred series

  • Open cutting table reduces wear to the bare minimum
  • Bi-directional shredding results in a consistent flow of shredded material onto downstream conveyors
  • Asynchronous shredding keeps waste constantly moving, thus improving shredding efficiency. With our aggressive knife design, no pushing device is required
  • Central lubricating system is standard on all machines
  • Power pack and cutting table that can be mounted separately, to keep more delicate components away from dust etc.
  • Automatic reversal, if knives encounter large or tough steel or cement objects
  • Intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to processed material characteristics.
  • The PLC control system is equipped with six standard programs, including two that can be individually programmed
  • Hardox steel used in all parts of the cutting table exposed to wear
  • Bi-directional shredding with equal speed and torque reduces wear and improves shredding capability and capacity