Construction and demolition waste processing

Reducing the size of the waste accelerates sorting and screening

Shredding bulky materials cuts down on transportation costs

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Improving construction and demolition waste processing

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is an endless source of raw materials for various purposes. Building something new often means that something old is being dismantled, especially in the construction business. Roads, buildings and bridges do not last forever, and they are under constant repair.

Due to continuous renovations, massive amounts of construction and demolition waste are generated around the world, and a large part of this is not utilized. C&D waste, however, comprises multiple economically valuable materials – such as concrete, bricks, wood and metals – that can be used in manufacturing new products, construction materials or in energy production.

Many of the challenges in processing C&D waste are caused by the properties of the material. By nature, C&D waste is bulky and often heavy, which increases transportation costs. Also, the hardness of the waste imposes requirements on the equipment.

Pre-shredding reduces the grain size of construction and demolition waste. After processing, is faster and easier to move the waste. Size reduction also enables different materials to be screened and separated from each other as early as possible, making the entire recycling process more effective – and productive.