Municipal solid waste

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Transforming municipal solid waste into raw material

Municipal solid waste contains various valuable materials that can be sorted and sold or made use of, for example in energy production. Different components like metals, plastics, glass, packaging fiber, organic materials, and paper are mixed in waste and require processing and sorting before they can be fully utilized. The quicker and more efficient the processing phase is, the more valuable municipal solid waste turns out to be as a raw material.

To process municipal waste profitably, the waste treatment equipment must handle many materials of different shapes and sizes. Rocks, stones, plastic bags, and other resistant components should not jam the production, and despite variety in the material, the end product must be homogenous and optimally sized for further processing.

Metso’s pre-shredders and fine shredders are engineered to process any kind of municipal solid waste. Reliable equipment turns municipal solid waste into the right grain size to be first screened and sorted faster and more accurately, and later utilized in other applications like in energy production as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF).

Durable pre-shredders and fine shredders have a simple structure to reduce the need for and duration of maintenance. They work well alone or as part of a more advanced recycling process.