Other waste types

Shredding bulky materials can multiply the production capacity

Reducing the size of the waste accelerates sorting and screening

Smaller, homogenous grain size cuts down on transportation costs

Service and support available at all times every day of the year

Profitable processing of green waste, wood, electronics and other waste types

The efficiency of waste recycling can be improved by carefully designing the whole materials recovery process.

An important part of optimizing is the selection of proper equipment. Every type of waste requires its own approach, and often even small adjustments can lead to substantial improvements in in the big picture. More throughput, less downtime, lower maintenance costs – more profit with lower risk.

Recycling green waste, wood, tires, hazardous waste, electronic waste (WEEE), glass, or other waste types is more profitable, the more efficiently waste is processed and materials screened and sorted.

By pre-shredding and fine shredding, it is possible to increase the efficiency – and at the same time the profitability – of the recycling process. When the waste is reduced to the right grain size, it is faster to screen, sort and transport, as well as easier to utilize in the subsequent application.