Paper and cardboard processing

Shredding improves material flow in processing and speed up screening and sorting

Waste reduced to a homogenous grain size generates more energy by combustion

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Accelerating paper and cardboard recycling process

The life cycle of paper and cardboard does not end after they are used once. When clean and dry enough, both can be used as raw materials for new paper and cardboard. Dirty paper and cardboard, in turn, are utilized as part of waste fuels such as residue derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF).

Typically, cardboard and paper are separated from one another early in the recycling process, after which they will continue their journey apart. Clean materials are treated in their own way, and dirty materials processed to the optimal size and shape for energy use.

The energy efficiency of both cardboard and paper can be improved by reducing them to the right grain size for easier processing and more efficient combustion. Pre-shredded paper and cardboard are easier to screen and separate from each other and other materials. In energy production, optimal grain size enables maximum energy generation by combustion.

Metso’s pre-shredders and fine shredders reduce the size of paper and cardboard for further processing. In many cases, waste is first pre-shredded for screening and sorting, and then finely shredded for energy use, but processes vary depending on the nature of the waste and required applications.