4 problems that can derail your conveyor

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Conveyors typically operate under extremely demanding conditions such as dirty environments, areas of intense heat and high moisture or places with very low temperatures. Properly maintaining a conveyor and avoiding typical problems such as carryback will help to prevent or at least reduce rapid belt wear and component issues. Failure to do so often leads to production stoppages and downtime with negative impact on operating costs and profits. In this webinar, we will help you identify 4 common problems and provide solutions to help you get the best performance from your conveying system.

After this webinar, you will know:  

  • How to minimize spillage, mistracking & other common problems on the conveyor
  • Why you need the right Conveyor Accessories for your conveyor
  • Tips and tricks how to optimize your conveyor performance

This webinar is in English and the duration is 1 hour

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Jerker Rolfson

Global Product Manager, Conveyor Accessories

Before Metso Outotec, Jerker has had a career that spanned many different business areas & multiple international companies with roles mainly focused on Research and Development. Jerker started his career at Metso in 2008, working with conveyor related products and systems. Over the last twelve years at Metso, he has worked in R&D, global support and product management. He is currently the Global Product Manager for conveyor accessories, supporting customers and market areas around the world, helping them to get the most out of their conveying assets.

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