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Apr 4, 2019

Q&A with Deana Sbarzaglia

Communications team
Communications team
Deana Sbarzaglia introduces the relaunched Metso Nordplant™ crushing plants and talks about her career in the aggregates business and in Metso.
Deana Sbarzaglia

Metso Nordplant™ 

Q1: What is a Metso Nordplant?

Metso Nordplant is a fixed solution based on standard crushing and screening modules that we provide to our customers. Nordplant is a pre-engineered solution: simplified, fast and easy to install.

Q2: What is the brief history behind the Nordplant solutions?

The first solutions installed were ready-made and fixed, complete crushing plants for Africa. There was a need for a more competitive solution – in terms of price, efficiency and fast delivery. So we started developing standard solutions for these countries. The heart of the plant is a fixed Metso crusher, and the whole process is operated by Metso’s equipment but with simplified standard settings.

Main focus and demand was in complete plants, including freight and installation supervision; everything from one supplier. This way we can offer our customers cost-efficient solutions.

Q3. We have heard there is a relaunch coming. Could you tell about that?

As of 2019, the Nordplant offering will expand from emerging countries also to European markets, meeting the tight requirements of CE-certification. The European market requires more customized solutions. The Nordplant offering includes crushing modules for brown-field installations and complementary solutions; they offer a good starting point for customization.

To sum it up, we aim to have Nordplant readily available in different markets.

Q4: What are the benefits to the customer? What do they value?

A Nordplant solution is the right choice when a stationary plant is needed quickly.

It is the perfect solution for clients who are looking for a competitively priced stationary plant with limited options and customizations, but with a very fast delivery and guaranteed performance. The delivery times are 30-40% faster than with tailored plants that have the same crushing process. These are not new, they are based on engineered existing, consolidated equipment, so the customers can be sure they receive good, reliable solutions based on their needs and at a competitive price. Our customers value cost-efficiency, speed of installation and the local service and support they get from us. Metso is a well-known trusted brand in the industry.

Q5: How are the Nordplant solutions positioned in the market: are they market leading in certain areas?

The Metso brand has always been famous for quality. By offering fixed standard modules and plants like Nordplant we can provide good quality solutions at competitive prices for those customers who don’t need advanced, tailor-made equipment. The Norplant solutions are a result of decades of engineering, industry knowledge and testing.

Q5: How does Nordplant differ from other plant solutions? In what applications are they used?

We offer both crushing and screening modules and complete crushing plants. The Nordplant solutions can be used for different types of applications – from low to very abrasive rock and for capacities up to 400 tph. For bigger production volumes, customized and advanced Metso crushing systems/installations are a better match.

Q6: Have we delivered Nordplant solutions around the world?

During the last three years we have delivered more than 20 installations around the world, mainly to Africa and South America.

In addition, we have delivered so-called “modules”. These are smaller, complete turn-key crusher and screening packages (with motor, steelworks and accessories etc.).

Q7. What type of feedback have you heard from the field?

The Nordplant solutions are still young, just three years old, so we do not yet have that much data and results available. But we work in close cooperation with our customers to improve the products based on their feedback. In general, we have received very positive comments.  The fixed Nordplant installation helps customers save time on engineering installation and civil works. These solutions have a good ROI. With Nordplant, it’s possible to sustainably and solidly increase the production of high-quality aggregates.


Q1. You work in a male-dominated world. How do you feel about it?

In the beginning it was difficult. I was young and when I started my first job at an engineering office, I was totally alone there. After gaining more experience, I became more confident in myself. I love my job and I am an expert in my own field, so I see no problem with that. Our clients respect my work and my opinions, and we get along very well.

Q2. What did you study?

I studied mining engineering at the University of Bologna in Italy. I have always been passionate about geology and minerals. At the end of my studies I specialized in aggregates. After graduation I started working at an engineering company; we did projects on quarry exploitations, blasting and aggregates plants – that’s when I truly discovered the interesting and diverse world of aggregates.

Q3. Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have spent my whole career in the quarry and aggregates business. Currently I am Product Manager for Metso Nordplant. I started at Metso back in 2001, after the acquisition of Svedala Industri AB. Before joining Metso, I worked at the Italian crushing plant solutions provider Loro & Parisini, and then I moved to Svedala.

Back in the beginning, I worked mainly with process applications and laboratory testing. Then I had a chance to participate in all the different stages of the crushing plant installation process – from the planning phase to the final assembly. This has been very useful for my personal development in the field.

Q5. Would you encourage other women to work in this field? Why?

You must have a passion for this industry, but I think it’s a very interesting business. I would recommend more women to join Metso and explore the interesting world of rocks and minerals – there are plenty of opportunities to discover.

Q6. Do you feel that there are good possibilities to develop your career further?

Personally, I am still learning. This industry is full of possibilities. Metso is full of know-how and there is a big team of experts ready to support you. They have helped me to deepen my knowledge; I have learned so much from my colleagues.

Q7. How do you see the future in the field?

I see the future as bright and full of potential. We offer a quality service/solution with one point of contact. This saves our customers time and money.

We are going to offer competitive compact modules that meet the needs of our customers in Europe. In terms of the traditional Nordplant installations, I see a lot of potential in the emerging markets. We are going to continue to develop the products further.

Q8. What is the best thing about your work?

I love my work. Every day is different, each material is different, and each situation/case with our customers is different. What I like most in my job is visiting the quarries and receiving direct feedback from our customers. I think my work is very versatile and challenging in a good way.

Q9. Do you have a particularly nice memory to share with us?

In November 2018 we invited around 80 customers to visit our customer Los Trigales in Paraguay. It was the first time I saw a Nordplant in action. The event was very successful, and it brings me so many good memories. It was very nice to meet so many colleagues and customers face-to-face.