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Nov 7, 2018

Why the Metso MX™ cone crusher makes a difference to productivity

Tiina Suomela
Tiina Suomela
Product Specialist, MX crushers
Metso MX4™ Multi-Action cone crushers are commissioned around the world in different applications, producing aggregates from extra fine to extra coarse for our customers. They have provided our customers with a significant increase in productivity and cost efficiency through an increase of up to 10% in crusher uptime, a decrease of up to 10% in OPEX and up to 70% wear part utilization. What is it then that makes the MX so versatile and efficient?
Metso MX cone crusher fed with aggregate.

Aggregate producers are facing increasing pressure in terms of efficiency, cost management and environmental impact. To meet these demands, the MX cone crusher is designed for the most demanding rock conditions with a special focus on automated adjustment features. The MX enables cost-effective and safe operations with a high reduction ratio, great product shape and consistency, all critical in aggregate applications. With its unique cinematic and crusher cavity design, the MX is very flexible in terms of application, whether it is the quarry or mining industry, soft rock or hard rock. The MX is suitable for stationary or mobile applications in secondary, tertiary or quaternary stages of crushing.

The MX™ Multi-Action cone crusher has unique technology that combines the best features of traditional cone crushers while solving some of their typical disadvantages, like having to stop the feed for setting changes and wear compensation, uneven wear and short lifetime of liners, limited crusher protection or time-consuming maintenance.

Integrated automation for optimal performance

For increased efficiency, safety and process optimization, the MX is equipped with an advanced IC60 automation system and remote control. The crusher setting is automatically adjusted during the day under load conditions by the hydraulic piston without the need for an operator. When crushing is stopped, the piston is driven into the home position and the setting is restored by rotating the bowl in the no load condition. Overloading of the crusher is prevented automatically by controlling the setting, power and pressure.

Several adjustable crusher parameters, such as eccentricity, speed, cavity, feed material level and setting allow selective crushing. Together with the integrated automation system, the MX provides maximum utilization of the wear parts resulting in extended maintenance intervals. It means that people need to spend less time near the crusher and will therefore be less exposed to dust, noise and moving parts.

Combining the best of HP and GP worlds

The MX multi-action technology combines the best features from HP and GP type cone crushers, such as the piston inside the main shaft as in GPs and the rotating bowl as in HPs. The piston allows dynamic setting and wear compensation under the load condition significantly increasing crusher uptime. The MX has no spider restricting the feed giving better crushing performance and a longer liner lifetime. The MX has effective tramp release for excellent protection and large cavity clearance room, even with new wear parts. Changing the liners is very easy and quick and there is no need for backing material or heating operations.

The Metso MX™ has also new technological solutions that have not been used in traditional crushers, such as a zero rpm anti-spin system that is perfect for on/off feed conditions and manufacturing sand. The MX product family has begun its journey and already proved its efficiency.