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Jun 16, 2017

Outotec to deliver first modular flotation cPlant to Saudi Arabia

Outotec has agreed with Saudi Arabian mining company Ma’aden Gold on the design and delivery of a novel Flotation cPlant for modernizing Al Amar gold processing facilities. This fully modular plant is the first of its kind and is expected to set a record in terms of fast delivery for this type of projects. Outotec delivery includes process design, basic and detail engineering, flotation equipment, modularized conditioners, blowers, automation and reagent dosing system, as well as installation and start-up services. In addition, Outotec will provide operation and maintenance support services to Ma’aden for two years after the start-up of the plant.
Figure 1: The modular construction of the cPlant Flotation makes it economical to move to a new site once the ore deposit at the old site is procesed.

“We are very excited about the Al Amar project, especially now after we reached a milestone with our cooperation,” says Nemer Saliba, Head of Customer Support Operations for Outotec´s Middle East operations. “Procuring the equipment is the first step, but the real benefit starts when they have this equipment performing in Al Amar´s own process. From the beginning of discussions the customer requested not only equipment, but also the support to be able to reap the full benefit of having this exciting new development. We agreed from the start that we are going to help run this plant on a daily basis by having our experts present on-site for at least two years from the start-up of this plant.”

Altogether, Ma´aden Gold operates six gold mines in Saudi Arabia. The Al-Amar project is in Riyadh Province approximately 195 km southwest of Riyadh. It comprises an underground mine, which processes a gold rich polymetallic ore at a rate of 200 ktpa to produce gold in a mixture of copper and zinc rich concentrates, which is sold to third parties for toll smelting. It was completed in 2007 and commercial production was achieved January 2008. 

“The cPlant Flotation is unique solution because it is a new development we have done in Outotec that gives our customers the possibility of implementing projects quickly, while at the same time enhancing the CAPEX and OPEX savings,” said Luis Rudolphy, Senior Sales Manager, Beneficiation. “Outotec cPlant is also unique because it is a completely modularized plant. It has been built in a certain way so that it can be quickly delivered to site, installed and operated, and later it can be easily taken apart and transported to a new site.”

 Flotation module C11-4 with 4 cells/shafts in a 40 foot container
Figure 2: Flotation module C11-4 with 4 cells/shafts in a 40 foot container

“The cPlant [Flotation] is a versatile product in the sense that it can be targeting customers who are building new greenfield plants, customers renovating old flotation plants and it can even be used to retreat old tailings. At the same time, because the cPlant is mobile, it can be utilized for temporary capacity increases, so we can offer to rent or lease them to our customers.”

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