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Jul 5, 2017

Outotec services - boost your performance and productivity

As your service partner, Outotec is firmly committed to understanding your business needs. We collaborate with you to develop a safe, sustainable, and reliable service solution based on our deep process knowledge, leading technologies, and operation and maintenance expertise. Our tailored service solution will help you achieve a step change in business performance throughout your plant’s entire life cycle.
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A service partner with exactly the right scope for your business needs

Our extensive service portfolio and customized solutions cover all phases of your plant’s life cycle, and our service scope is always tailored to meet your unique business challenges. Your service solution will be delivered with mutually agreed targets and shared responsibilities to meet your long-term goals. We can build solutions for individual projects or based on broader service agreements.

Full service portfolio

  • Advisory Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Operations Services
  • Remote Services
  • Spare and Wear Parts
  • Training Services
  • Upgrades 

Modernization project

Outotec has extensive experience working together with a wide variety of customers undertaking renovation and/or upgrade projects.

Plant audit

Typically a modernization project starts with a plant/furnace and auxiliaries audit. The audit outlines the various possibilities to either increase the capacity or improve the existing facilities for more efficient operation with lower Opex and environmental footprint. Once the areas requiring major improvement have been successfully identified, basic engineering and detail design can commence.

Basic and detail engineering

During the basic engineering phase, shutdown planning should be started as early as possible to be able to define the overall project duration. Proper planning and design can provide considerable savings for the operations by reducing the shut-down time and minimizing budget overruns. For these reasons Outotec specialists are recommended to be involved in all the stages of the project.

Demolition and construction

Once the new equipment has been delivered on-site, furnace demolition services and construction activities will begin. Removal of the accretion and structures both by mechanical and thermal means safely and quickly clears the path for the installation of the new and improved equipment. Proper planning will ensure shorter work outages, reduce the risk of incidents, and very importantly, allow quick ramp-up to desired capacity with long-term benefits of more efficient and competitive operation.


Utilizing Outotec’s state-of-the-art processing technologies with experience and expertise in process design, technology development and project planning together with furnace demolition, shutdown execution management and supervision services for the installation and start-up results in the following benefits for our customers:

  • Shorter shutdown periods with improved production rates 
  • Improved reliability
  • Operational safety
  • Meeting environmental targets

This high level of operational standards can be taken even further by utilizing Outotec’s intelligent automation solutions.

After the modernization is complete, Outotec experts continue to work with our customers operation and maintenance teams to ensure they achieve the maximum performance for their modernized furnace/smelter. 

The animation below visualizes and provides an example of how a typical modernization project proceeds in the operating site and how Outotec is working together with our customer in all stages throughout the project.

Mining Metals refining