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Feb 6, 2015

Turkish copper and molybdenum producer Özdoğu: On the road to double recovery

When the Turkish mining and construction company Özdoğu Construction & Trade first contacted Metso, they were only looking for a primary crusher installation. As one thing led to another, Özdoğu soon realized their metallurgic recovery capacity could be increased to almost double.

Özdoğu’s copper and molybdenum production concentrates in its subsidiary, Kuze Ege Copper Enterprise Inc., currently Turkey’s only molybdenum concentrate producer. They produce 50,000 tons of copper concentrate and 1,800 tons of molybdenum concentrate annualy.

Mining engineer Volkan Baskan has been working for Özdoğu Construction and Trade for 10 years and is currently the operations manager for its subsidiary, Kuze Ege Copper.

“When we contacted Metso, we already knew we could count on their technologies: we had been very satisfied with the HP6’s performance in our greenfield project for copper ore and molybdenum concentrate production in 2010. So when we expanded our operations in 2012, we naturally returned to Metso to supply another new machine for our crushing installation,” Baskan explains.

The contract signed between Metso and Özdoğu Construction and Trade included basic design and engineering for a primary and secondary crushing and screening plant plus engineering and supply of flotation cells and slurry pumps; the remainder of the mining process is being supplied by other manufacturers.

While Özdoğu had good experiences with Metso’s technology, they had yet to discover Metso’s expert process engineering and service teams and their capabilities in technical analysis and problem solving.

On the road to recovery

Metso’s project management team, headed by Project Manager Daniel Martijena, delivered the primary crushing installation on-time for immediate operation.

However, it was soon discovered that the metallurgic recovery capacity could be increased to almost double. This was good news for Özdoğu, but there was a drawback: the initial concentration process had not been planned for the higher capacity.

  • Metso equipment at Özdoğu
  • AF-5 D4 apron feeder
  • VG645 scalper
  • C145 jaw crusher
  • CVB2060 screen
  • GP 550 cone crusher
  • 2 HP6 tertiary cone crushers
  • 2 MF0373 Multi-flo screens
  • Flotation cells
  • Pumps

With time being a critical factor in production costs and output, Özdoğu turned to Metso for critical analysis to determine the bottlenecks of the process.

Metso re-defined calculations and suggested specific high-performance Metso pumps to optimize production in a three-step process: change pumps to increase capacity of slurry throughput, adapt the flotation cells to the new capacity, and balance out the process with **VisioFroth™ – a system that measures parameters that are correlated to flotation cell performance. (**As of 2022, VisioFroth has been upgraded to our new system, FrothSense+)

“We intervened on the automation process notably with the VisioFroth™ optimization. Our technical analysis resulted in proposing high-performance Metso pumps combined with the VisioFroth™ system. Today Özdoğu is banking on a 3 percent to 5 percent improvement in copper and molybdenum recovery. A significant increase for them and a great satisfaction for the Metso team,” explains Martijena.

More than equipment

Özdoğu is the first company in Turkey to use VisioFroth™ froth control optimization. The system offers effective process stability and aims at controlling froth speed and lifetime by transferring all visual data to a computer program and foregoing human intervention.

“When Metso stepped in, they brought forth not only the engineering and efficiency know-how, but a complete analysis of the process. They helped us adjust our flotation system to almost double our production capacity. They proved to be much more than an equipment supplier. They are a services and problem-solving partner,” praises Baskan.

Mining Metals refining