Download the new HPGR flanged roll kit with mechanical skew control animation

How to minimize skew from our HRCTM without the need to acquire a new machine

The Metso Outotec HRC™ HPGR set the industry standard, providing increased throughput and energy efficiency, less recirculating loads, and reduced wear costs.

What if you could have the benefits of industry leading technology in your existing machine?

The Metso Outotec solution

To achieve these results in your HPGR, skewing must be mechanically controlled. That is where our new retrofit kit can help. We’ve taken the key components responsible for minimizing skew from our HRC™ and made the technology more accessible without the need to acquire a new machine.

  • Advanced mechanical skew control system
  • Tire assembly with flanged roll

In this free video, we'll show you how to:

  • Increase throughput - Achieve up to +20% more throughput
  • Improve energy efficiency - Flanges ensure even breakage rates across the whole width of the roll
  • Reduce circulating loads - Less material bypasses the rolls and more ore continues to the next stage of your process
  • Reduce wear costs - Flanges allow harder studs for longer tire life

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How to minimize skew from our HRCTM without the need to acquire a new machine