Safety first! Crushing plant hazards you need to know

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Safety is in everyone’s interest. When an accident occurs onsite, there can be high costs in terms of downtime, harm to a company’s reputation and in some cases can even result in loss of life. Crushing plants involve a lot of moving components.  There are heavy and hard to handle parts that need to be replaced regularly, electrical hazards and occasional crusher blockages that need to be cleared. All of this adds up to an environment where care needs to be taken to avoid having an incident strike.

In this recorded on demand webinar, we take a back to basics approach and share our tips and tricks on what to look for and how to avoid having a safety incident set your crushing plant back.

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John Starck
John Starck

Technical Training Instructor, Metso Minerals Insusties Inc.

John Starck is specializing in the training and education of both end-customers and distributors. A 22 year veteran of the company, John is a subject matter expert on crusher and screen maintenance and operation, with a commitment to customer success. John delivers both an experienced perspective and pertinent solutions to our customer and distributors.


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