What is the wear profile of your crusher trying to tell you?

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Have you ever wondered what your crusher's liners are trying to tell you? Turns out you can learn many things from the worn liners. Join this live webinar hosted by liner expert Washington Luiz to learn more about how we can use the worn profiles of crushers to diagnose and improve the performance of the size reduction process.   

After this webinar, you will:
• Be comfortable identifying and diagnosing liner related issues seen on most cone crushers and jaw crushers (trouble shooting)
• Be able to identify what good performance looks like for crusher liners     
• Have a better understanding of the liner options available to improve crusher performance


The webinar will last for about 60 minutes. Please note that this webinar is in English.



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Washington Luiz

Global Business Support Manager, Aggregates Crusher Consumables

Washington is an enthusiastic Global Business Support Manager for crusher wears with solid insight to crusher consumables products. Combining mechanical engineering and Business Management background with more than 20 years experiences from the crushing and screening business he’s able to point out improvement areas most people would miss.
Wahingtons experience from booth the tecnical filed such as technology transfer and plant engineering as well as the bussiness side, connects the understanding of the technical and economic aspects of crushing and screening operation together.



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