On-Demand: Finding new opportunities in the sand

Manufactured sand is the business of building the future. As depletion of the natural sand is becoming a concern in many parts of the world, construction companies are looking for alternatives to it. In this webinar targeted to aggregate producers, we will discuss what are the requirements for high-quality manufactured sand, what opportunities it can provide, and the considerations of designing a high performing manufactured sand production process.

The webinar will last for about 60 minutes. Please note that this webinar is in English.

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Pedro Kelley
Pedro A. Kelley

Pedro Kelley is Crushing and screening Manager for Grupo TRACSA, Dealer with over 20 years of experience in crushing and screening equipment sales. With a sales and marketing back ground, Pedro´s is one of the most experienced person in the Mexican distribution network in the selection, promotion and sale of crushing and screening equipment, providing along with his team also support in equipment applications, plant assessments and aftermarket support to the customers.

Oldemar Meneses
Oldemar Meneses

Oldemar Meneses has been with Metso for the last 25 years, occupying several positions in service support, applications and distribution sales. For the last 10 years he has worked in several manufacture sand projects for several applications, utilizing also different technologies supporting our distribution Network in Mexico and Central América.

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