Stock Exchange release January 29, 2002 08:37:24 PM CET


Metso Paper supplies Kruger Wayagamack, Inc. of Quebec, Canada, with a large On-Line LWC papermaking line. The start up of the line at the Trois-Rivières mill will be in late 2003 and its production is targeted at the domestic market. Total value of the project including the mill upgrade is approx. EUR 300 million.

Using groundwood furnish, the 200,000 tons per year line will produce LWC paper, mostly in a basis weight range of 41 to 60 g/m2. The new PM 4 will have a wire width of 8.0 meters and a design speed of 1,500 m/min. The delivery package consists of a headbox, a forming section, a press section, a dryer section, a machine calender, a sizer, a calender, and a reel. Paper machine ventilation, process air systems and runnability components are also included, as well as machine pulpers and a winder.

The Wayagamack mill in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, is located on the St. Lawrence River, some 150 km northeast of Montreal. Kruger Wayagamack Inc. is part of the newsprint, coated paper and specialty grade division. Kruger Inc. is one of the few privately-owned companies in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. The company's annual paper production currently exceeds 1.6 million metric tonnes. Kruger Inc. and the Kruger Family interests employ some 10,500 people.

Metso Corporation is a global supplier of process industry machinery and systems. Metso's core businesses are divided between Metso Paper (fiber and paper technology), Metso Minerals (rock and mineral processing) and Metso Automation (automation and control technology). In 2000, the net sales of Metso Corporation were EUR 3.9 billion, and the personnel totaled approximately 22,000. Metso Corporation is listed on the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

Metso completed its offer for Svedala Industri AB on September 14, 2001. Svedala is a global supplier of products and services for rock and mineral processes. Metso's and Svedala's combined net sales are approximately EUR 5,400 million (in 2000) and the amount of personnel is approximately 32,000.

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