Stock Exchange release November 3, 2005 10:02:17 AM CET

Metso to supply fiber line and bleaching process to Tamil Nadu in India

Metso Paper will supply a new hardwood fiber line to Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd. in India. In addition, Metso Paper will supply a new bleaching process for the company's bagasse fiber line. The total value of the orders is approximately EUR 25 million. The new systems are scheduled to start up at the beginning of 2007. The order has been booked in the third quarter of 2005.
Both Metso Paper deliveries include main process machinery, pumps, field instruments and engineering.
The new hardwood fiber line delivery covers all the processes from cooking through bleaching. Metso Paper's SuperBatch digesters will be used in the pulp digesting process. The selected bleaching process represents environmentally sound, modern pulping technology. The daily production capacity of the new line will be 300 tons of fully-bleached ECF pulp. Eucalyptus is the primary raw material.
The new bleaching process for the bagasse line will have a daily capacity of 500 tons ECF pulp, making it the biggest of its kind in the world. The pulp is produced in two existing fiber lines, and the new bleaching system will be common for both lines.
Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd.'s mill is situated at Kagithapuram in the Karur District of the Tamil Nadu province. The company produces newsprint and printing and writing paper, using hardwood and bagasse as the primary raw materials. Tamil Nadu is the largest bagasse-based plant in the world and the mill has India's largest production capacity at a single location.
Metso is a global technology corporation serving customers in the pulp and paper industry, rock and minerals processing, the energy industry and selected other industries. In 2004, the net sales of Metso Corporation were approx. EUR 4 billion, and it has some 22,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Metso's shares are listed on the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

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