Stock Exchange release November 2, 2006 11:04:20 AM CET

Metso Corporation's largest shareholders according to the shareholder register on November 1, 2006

Metso's Annual General Meeting decided on April 4, 2006 to establish a Nomination Committee to prepare proposals for the next Annual General Meeting on the composition of the Board of Directors along with the director remuneration.
The right to nominate members to represent shareholders in the Committee belongs to the four shareholders who hold the most votes in Metso on November 1 prior to the General Meeting. The Chairman of the Board will convene the Nomination Committee, and the Committee will elect a chairman from among its members.
According to the shareholder register, Metso Oyj's four largest shareholders on November 1, 2006 were: State of Finland (15,695,287 shares or 11.08% of share capital), Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company (3,115,150 shares or 2.20% of share capital), Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company (2,746,269 shares or 1.94% of share capital) and Odin Norden (1,126,500 shares or 0.80% of share capital).
Metso Corporation's next Annual General Meeting is planned to be held on April 3, 2007.
Metso is a global engineering and technology corporation with 2005 net sales of approximately EUR 4.2 billion. Its 22 000 employees in more than 50 countries serve customers in the pulp and paper industry, rock and minerals processing, the energy industry and selected other industries.
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