Press release April 19, 2012 01:00:00 PM CET

Metso sells its workshop operations in Gällivare, Sweden to TotalTech NTT

Metso Corporation's press release on April 19, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. local time

Metso is selling its workshop operations at the Energiplan site in Gällivare, Sweden, to TotalTech, Nordisk Transport Teknik AB. The Energiplan workshop manufactures customized machined and welded products for various customers in North and Central Sweden. The sales price will not be disclosed. All workshop operations personnel at the Energiplan site in Gällivare have been offered employment with TotalTech NTT.

Metso's Mining and Construction will further develop its services offering for mining customers and strengthen its customer service in northern Sweden, as mining companies situated in the region are expanding their business and investing in new mining projects.

Metso has announced contracts with Northland Resources AB for a multi-year service agreement for their Kaunisvaara iron ore project in Pajala and will establish a service center in there as well. In addition Metso has services centers in Gällivare, Kiruna, and Luleå.

TotalTech, Nordisk Transport Teknik AB is a fast growing, mining service company locating in Gällivare, Sweden. NTT operates mainly in transportation, mechanics and hydraulics services.

Metso is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. Our 30,000 professionals based in over 50 countries deliver sustainability and profitability to customers worldwide. Expect results. ,

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