Press release November 5, 2014 09:08:26 AM CET

Metso IQ Fiber replaces nuclear basis weight on colored tissue

Metso IQ Fiber replaces nuclear basis weight on colored tissue

Metso Corporation's trade press release on November 5, 2014 at 9:00 EET

Following a repeat order for a Metso IQ Fiber, scanning fiber weight sensor, excellent basis weight measurement results have been obtained since June 2014 on a central European tissue machine running colored grades. Both sensors replaced existing nuclear sensors on two tissue machines. Nuclear basis weight sensors are capable of very precise repeatable readings but over time, noise in the measurement signal requires additional filtering as the nuclear source decays. Simultaneously measuring fiber weight and moisture, Metso IQ Fiber replaces the traditional nuclear basis weight sensor and eliminates the need for nuclear safety training and handling procedures. According to mill personnel, the new measurement is more stable than the old nuclear sensor, showing better repeatability as well as sensitivity to head geometry and dirt being less critical.

The mill's first IQ Fiber to replace a nuclear basis weight sensor was installed in 2013. With good results on white tissue grades, the mill's attention turned to colored tissue with some recycled content on a second machine with a nuclear sensor. Samples were analyzed at Metso's Tampere R&D facility to evaluate the effect of color and ash content on the measurement. As expected by Metso's Marko Toskala, Business Manager, Automation, the results confirmed that IQ Fiber would work well with the colored tissue. "Different colors are handled well by the measurement principle, only very black or deepest dark blue can be challenging," he concluded.

Nuclear basis weight sensors have for many years been the standard for scanning the tissue web. To provide an oven dry basis weight reading for control purposes, infrared moisture sensors are normally positioned alongside. Metso has refined infrared measurement technology to the point where it can measure oven dry basis weight (fiber weight) with the same precision while simultaneously measuring moisture. By combining both measurements in the IQ Fiber sensor, Metso has considerably reduced lifecycle costs of servicing and spare parts and eliminated the special procedures and certification required by nuclear devices. Factory pre-calibrated for applications ranging from tissue to uncoated printing papers, Metso IQ Fiber can replace existing nuclear basis weight sensors for more precise control of MD and CD properties.

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Metso is a leading process performance provider, with customers in the mining, oil and gas, and aggregates industries. Metso's cutting-edge services and solutions improve availability and reliability in minerals processing and flow control, providing sustainable process and profit improvements. Metso is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland. In 2013, Metso's net sales totaled EUR 3.8 billion. Metso employs approximately 16,000 industry experts in 50 countries. Expect results.,  

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